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This social newsfeed allows you to stay connected to your organization’s pulse. Most commonly used for Classes and Groups, the newsfeed is available to all sites via the Manage Site function. It works like a social media newsfeed, similar to Facebook or twitter. Students, staff, and teachers can use the newsfeed to comment and communicate with each other right on the page.

Use it to:

  • Keep up with your colleagues’ latest posts and comments.
  • Create new posts to share updates or ask questions.
  • Upload pictures.
  • Include #hashtag search terms in your posts, similar to twitter.
  • Discover the profile of anyone from your feed.
  • Follow along with the newsfeed while staying productive in other apps by snapping to the side of your screen.
  • Share from other apps to your newsfeed.

You can also @mention a colleague by name. If you do @mention someone or reply to a comment, they will receive email notification.

Note: Anonymous users cannot comment or submit to the newsfeed.