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Newsletters and Mailing Lists

Mailing lists and email newsletters are an excellent way to keep parents, students and the community informed about news, events and information about your class, school or district.


Electronic message of all types are subject to various laws and regulations. Here are some useful resources to learn more about your responsibilities in Canada:


Displaying the newsletter subscription feature on your website allows visitors to signup for email newsletters.

Subscribers enter their email address in the available field. They are then required to verify their email before they receive messages (this is configurable in the newsletter settings). To comply with SPAM laws, an unsubscribe link and school or district contact information is included in the footer of every message. 

If you'd like to add the newsletter subscription web part to a page, you can find it under the Scholantis category when you Edit the page and Add a Web Part. For more information on Web Parts, see Add a Web Part.

Manage Newsletters

The Manage Newsletter page lets you do the following:

  • configure the newsletter feature
  • write and edit newsletters
  • view or modify your subscriber list. 

Website editors can access these settings using the Manage Newsletter link next to the subscription web part (typically displayed on your website home page).

Manage Settings

  • Specify whether a confirmation email is required (strongly recommended - this prevents users from maliciously subscribing other people and minimizes automated robots from subscribing)
  • Specify the send from email address.

You'll see a preview of the footer included in all messages. It contains the site contact information and an unsubscribe link. Contact information is saved in the Site Information list which stores information displayed around the website (such as the site name and links).

To edit the Site Information list move your cursor to the footer of your site and click on the Edit Site Info link.

Manage Newsletters

Displays newsletters you have created, drafted or sent.

Each newsletter contains a Title (subject line), Body (message content), Attachment (email attachments).

Saving a newsletter does not send an email. You must click Send to distribute a message. Only verified subscribers will receive a message.

Newsletter Mailing List

Displays the email addresses of subscribers for your site.

When a user subscribes they are automatically sent a verification email which they must follow before they will receive newsletters. This will automatically set Status to Verified and they will begin receiving future email newsletters.


You can manually add and verify subscribers. You are typically required to have consent of any user before subscribing them.

The subscriber list can be exported by clicking VIEW SUBSCRIBERS LIST and using the Export to Excel option in the ribbon.