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Shared Documents for Class Sites

Shared Documents work differently on class sites than they do on other sites such as school, district or staff room sites.


On class sites, documents that you wish to share with all students registered in your class should be stored in the root or main folder on the class site. All members of the class have access to update and share files to the root folder.


Class sites also have an additional feature. On these sites, a folder is created for each student which only that student and their teacher can access. Each student must be added individually in order for the folder to be created. Adding new students will create new folders when you update your site using Manage Site. When you remove a student their folder is not removed to preserve any student work.

Access Shared Documents

On class sites, Shared Documents have their own page.

To access shared documents:

  • Click the Shared Documents link on the Site Navigation bar to access the Shared Documents page.
  • A list of documents in the root folder, as well as student folders displays:

We recommend these student folders only be used to store long-term files that would be used or worked on across multiple assignments. For all other types of assignments, please use the Assignments feature, as it is far more robust.

Keep in mind that any files stored in the root folder can be viewed and edited by all students in your class.


Did you know?

You can track student activity in your class's Shared Documents by setting up an alert.