Scholantis Student Portfolios allow students to create collections of documents, presentations, blog posts, or other media (e.g., photographs, videos, certificates, rubrics, or assignments). A portfolio is much more than a digital scrapbook. It allows students to create a purposeful collection of their work that demonstrates their efforts, progress, and achievements. 

This section includes instructions for teachers. For student instructions see our Student Guide.

What are the benefits?

Here are some of the many reasons teachers think Portfolios are an important learning tool:

  • Portfolios are a powerful record of students' reflection and learning. 
  • They involve a process of self-reflection and personal growth. 
  • By encouraging communication, collaboration, creativity, innovation, problem solving and critical thinking, students develop skills essential for 21st Century life. Portfolios also serve as a record of their mastery. 
  • Using tools that develop computer literacy, students are more engaged in their learning. Particularly content they themselves can create and share.
  • It's an opportunity for students to build their own digital identity.
  • Developing a portfolio incorporates many different tools--such as online research and other digital tools--to create, manage, and reflect on their work. They not only build critical thinking skills, but the technical skills that future employers expect.
  • It allows students and teachers to share their work with parents and administrators.

How do they work?

A portfolio is the student's own space to edit and curate. Portfolios are secure and visible only to those given access to them, and they stay with students throughout their education. 

Teachers have editing access to all content and can comment on student work. This is particularly useful when teaching younger students. It's easy to post student work on their behalf, whether as a record, for their reflection, or to share achievements with parents.

Portfolios allow students or teachers to easily add, edit, and organize content of all types:

  • Photos, videos or audio
  • Writing, other media and even HTML
  • Documents such as PDFs, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote files

The Maple Ridge school district has made some very helpful videos about Portfolio. You can view them here.

What is different about the Scholantis Solution?

Student-centric - Like a backpack, student's take their portfolio with them from class to class, school to school, and through grades K to 12. It doesn't live with the teacher or any given class. It's the student's personal learning archive which they co-create with their teachers. As a teacher you still have all the tools you need to work with multiple students: class view, batch posting, locking posts, and moderating content. Giving students ownership is an incredibly powerful way to encourage them to take responsibility in their own learning and develop student inquiry.

You own it - The Scholantis solution is yours, once purchased it's yours. Forever. You'll never lose access to your portfolio, even if you stop paying for the service. Students are building a personal portfolio that needs to live for many years. The content in a student's portfolio is important evidence of their achievements and learning, it needs to be treated responsibly with a long term plan.

Control the data - Whether you run the software yourself, or in the cloud, we believe you should remain in control of the data at all times. You control the where the content is stored and who has access. Because of the way our solution is built no terms of service change can change that.

Portability - We are working on an export feature to let students take their content with them. Whether a student is moving district, graduating or looking for a job they should be able to take their portfolio with them. 

Office 365, Google Drive & Assignments - Office 365 OneDrive, Google Drive and Assignments are all first class citizens in Student Portfolios. Easily import your content and edit documents right in the browser. On any device.