Add Assignments

To add an assignment:

  • On the Assignments page, click the NEW button to create a new assignment.

  • Enter a name for the assignment in the Assignment Title field. Tip: You may use a title that starts with a numbering or alpha system if you'd like to sort the assignments in the semester.
  • Enter instructions for the assignment in the Assignment description field. Note: When you click inside this field, the Formatting Ribbon displays. See Add or Edit Site Content for instructions on working with the Formatting Ribbon, including adding images, video or attaching other files via the INSERT tab. Note: Do not upload class assignments files this way. Instead, follow the instructions below.
  • Click the date displayed in the ASSIGN date field and select the date the assignment is assigned from the calendar provided. You can also leave the default which is the current date. Note: The day you choose in the ASSIGN field determines when the assignment will be displayed.
  • Click the date displayed in the DUE date field and select a due date from the calendar provided. This date must be the same or later than the assigned date.
  • If you wish to attach an assignment file, such as a word document or diagram for the students to view or work on, proceed to Attach an Assignment File. If you do not require an attachment, click the ADD ASSIGNMENT button.

Attach an Assignment File

To attach an assignment file for students to work on: (Recommended)

  • To insert a file, click the Insert link and choose a file, or drag and drop to upload it. You may also attach any files stored on your computer, OneDrive, Shared Documents, Media Gallery, or Google Drive.
  • Once you have uploaded the file, click the NOT COPIED link to copy the file to all students in the class. (Do this prior to saving the assignment.) 

The option to copy to students is only available for attached files.

  • The link name changes to COPIED TO STUDENTS.

Copies of assignment files are made when a student starts their submission.

If a student has started working on a assignment, and afterwards you have to add or edit a file, this is now possible using the Copy to Students button.

  • Click the ADD ASSIGNMENT button to save your assignment.

View Assignments

Once assignments have been created, they display on the Class Assignments page.

If the assignment is one that will be assigned in the future, it will display in the FUTURE tab. Once they have passed their due date, they appear under the PAST tab. Archived assignments display in the ARCHIVED tab. The CURRENT tab displays all assignments assigned from two weeks in the past to two weeks in the future.

  • Students and Public anonymous readers (like parents) can view assignments by clicking on the assignment name.
  • If you attach a file and copy it to students (see Add an Assignment, above), they can work on their homework assignment online and seek assistance and feedback from teachers using the comments. Teachers can view student assignments in progress, offer help and answer questions. 
  • When the homework assignment is complete, students can also submit their homework here.
  • Teachers can mark assignments and return them to students.  

Edit Assignments

Change an assignment title, or eschedule or postpone assignments by changing the assign and due dates directly from the Assignments page.

To edit an assignment:

  • On the Assignments page, select the checkbox beside the assignment you wish to edit.

  • Click the EDIT button.
  • To change the name of the assignment, click the title field
  • Change the title to what you'd like it to say then click the checkmark icon.
  • To change the Assign or Due dates, click on those fields. Choose the desired date from the calendar picker and click the checkmark icon.

  • When you are done, click the STOP EDITING button.

Edit an Assignment Description 

To edit the assignment description:

  • From the assignments page, click on the assignment to open it.
  • Click in the description field to edit it. The FORMAT TEXT tab displays.

  • Edit the text and format it. 
  • Click the checkmark icon to save your changes.

Change an Attachment

To change the attachment:

In the attachment area, you can download, view, edit, or delete and attachment. You can also insert a new attachment. See Attach an Assignment File for directions.

  • You can also create a new Word, Excel or PowerPoint document, by clicking New.

Copy an Assignment

To copy an assignment:

  • On the Assignments page, select the checkbox beside the assignment you wish to edit. Then click the COPY button. A duplicate assignment is made:

  • Edit the new assignment to your requirements. See Edit Assignments for details.

You can also copy an assignment to a student Protfolio, see Copy an Assignment to a Student Portfolio.