Benefits of Portfolios

Export & Sharing Portfolios

Students need to be able to share and access their portfolio content beyond their time in K-12. Whether it's as a personal record, getting a job or applying for higher education, export and sharing are key. We've committed to implementing export functionality in our Wave 1 round of updates (due in 2015).

We are also exploring how students can selectively share content publicly. It's important to ensure appropriate controls are available to protect students.

Parent Access

Engaging parents in student learning is a powerful, and proven, way to improve student outcomes. Teachers can use portfolios to share and discuss student learning at parent teacher interviews. Teachers can also ask guardians to login as their children to see their learning during the semester. We're currently evaluating solutions to provide access to parents using their own account.

Self Tagging & Collections

User tagging and collections are something we're considering for the future. In order to avoid creating a mess of tags over the lifetime of a Student's portfolio we need to be careful in creating a solution which is both easy to use and sustainable over the long term.

Running a Pilot

Pilots are a great way to experience Student Portfolios, you can engage teachers and administrators in something tangible, and develop the appropriate class and school procedures. We work directly with coordinators or teachers to get them started. If you're an existing Scholantis customer using SharePoint 2013, get in touch and we can get your started today. We work closely with users to understand if there's a features they need to make the portfolios a success.


When you purchase any Scholantis solution it's yours forever. If you choose to subscribe to a support contract we'll manage and regularly update your system with new features, fixes and other improvements.