Portfolios can be created by teachers and students.

Teacher-Created Portfolios

Teachers can create student portfolios from any class site. You must first enable Portfolios for your class site.

Enable Student Portfolios

To activate Portfolios:

  • Find or create a class class site.
  • If you didn't enable Portfolios when creating your class site click Settings in the Utility links.
  • Select Site Features from the drop-down menu.
  • On the Setup tab, select Portfolios, then click Update. If the Portfolio option is not listed please contact support staff.
  • Once the changes have been applied a Portfolios link will display on the navigation bar of your class site.

Add & Create Student Portfolios

To add students:

  • Click Portfolios on the class site navigation bar. If you don't see it, follow the steps in Enable Student Portfolios, above.
  • If you have already added students individually to your class, they will be listed on the left hand side. Their portfolios are now associated with your class. 
  • If a student does not have a portfolio, it will automatically be created.
  • To add students, click Manage Students.
  • Start adding students to your class by clicking Add Students
  • Type in or paste the names or usernames of students to find the correct users. You can also paste a list of students or usernames from a document or spreadsheet.
  • Student portfolios are then created in the background. Each portfolio will take a minute to create so please give sufficient time for all portfolios to be created.
  • Only select individual student users. Adding groups will not work unless specially configured for your district. For instance, you can add John Smith or Jane Williams; but not All Students.
  • Only students can have a portfolio. Portfolios will not be created for non-student users added to your class site.
  • Manage associated students from the Portfolio page or the Access tab in Manage Site. Either method gives students access to your class and creates a portfolio if one does not exist.

Student-Created Portfolios

Students can access their portfolio from the navigation on a class site (if portfolios are enabled on the site), or using the My Portfolio button on the My Site page. 

When a student visits their portfolio for the first time, the site is automatically created. Site creation will take a few moments.

Once created, the student will be asked to select their current grade. The current grade can be changed by a student or teacher at any time.