You can record or upload existing videos from your iPhone or iPad. 

Record or Upload a Video

To add a video to a portfolio:

  • Within the portfolio, tap the video icon.

  • Tap the Add video button and select either Take Video to record, or select Photo Library to choose a previously recorded video from your photo library.

  • From here you can record a live video and upload it (such as in Instagram), or browse to a video on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap Submit to upload your video.


Minimum Requirements

iPad 3 or iPhone 4 running the latest iOS version (8+). Older devices may work.

Tips & Known Issues

When recording a video ensure your home button is on the right. Videos are not rotated so this ensures videos are displayed with the correct orientation.

Videos less than a few a seconds long may not upload.

Videos recorded using iOS (.mov files) can't be watched using iOS device. They can be played on any desktop computer.