These instructions are for school admin assistants to create a staff room site. All teachers and staff can contribute and edit this page.

When you first arrive at a new staff room page, it will look something like this:


Follow the steps below to get the most from your Staff Room page. Or visit Introduction to Staff Room to learn how to add a banner image and some welcome text.

Add Staff News

Use the Staff News section to add announcements that are visible to staff only.

Instructions on how to add an announcement can be found in the topic, News and Announcements.

Use Quick Links to make sites that are often used readily available.

To find out how to add them, see the topic Featured Links.

Work with Staff Documents

Document libraries, such as Shared Documents, are the perfect place to store and share files that you want all staff to be able to read or edit. 

Complete instructions on how to add, edit, or upload files here can be found in the topic Shared Documents.

Add a Staff Calendar

The Calendar appears as a summary list of events on the Staff Room page. In the Staff Room calendar, you can add evnts visible to staff only.


To learn how to work with the calendar, see Event Calendar.

List Who's Away Today

The Away Today feature allows admin assistants to list any absent staff members, how long they will be away, and who their replacements will be.


List Someone as Away

To list a staff member as away:

  • Under the Away Today heading, click the add item easy button to access the Away List - New Item pop-up window.

  • In the Absent Person field, enter the name of the person who will be absent.
  • In the Replacement Name field, enter the name of the staff member's replacement.
  • Click the calendar icon beside the Away From field to select the date the staff member's absence begins. 
  • Then select the time of their absence (especially if the person will only be gone half a day).
  • In the Away To field, select the date and time the person will return.
  • Enter the staff member's position in the Position field.
  • Click the Save button to save and publsh your changes.

Edit the Away Today List

To edit an entry in the Away Today list:

  • Under the Away Today heading, click the edit item easy button to access the Away List page.

  • Click the edit this list easy button.
  • Click the elipses (...) beside the name of the person you'd like to edit.

  • To edit the item, select Edit Item from the drop-down list to access the Away List - Edit Item pop-up window:

  • Edit the fields as needed.
  • Click the Save button to save your changes.
  • Click Stop editing this list when you are done.
  • Click Staff Room on the Site Navigation bar of your School site to return to the Staff Room.

To delete a name, select Delete Item insead of Edit Item in the ellipses (...) drop-down list on the Away Today page.