The Scholantis Documents app provides a number of important advantages over SharePoint's Document Library App. It's mobile and touch friendly, it allows for a styled experience, and can display categories of documents. Learn more about how to use and customise the app below.

Add Documents

Document libraries let you easily upload single files, create documents in the browser, or drag and drop multiple files (using any browser).


Add Columns for sorting

  1. Select the LIBRARY ribbon tab and select Create Column

     2. Name the Column Category and select the Choices field.

     3. Add your Categories within the box provided

     4. Select - Drop Down Menu option.

Apply Category to each Document

  1. Select the Quick Edit in the Library Ribbon, then choose a category for each item from the drop down of the category Column

   2. Save you changes by clicking the Stop Editing button in the top left.

Sorting by the new Column within the App

  1. Return to the site where the app is displayed.  Edit the page, then edit the App Settings.
  2. Set the Group Field to your Category Column, then click OK to apply (at the bottom of the Template Settings)

     3. Save your changes to see your grouped library view.