Portfolios include a short bio which contains the student's name, photograph, current grade and a personal profile. Students can edit their own bio. Teachers can edit any bio in portfolios associated with their class site.


The student name is stored in Active Directory and managed by your IT department. It cannot be edited.


The student photo can be set or modified by students or teachers visiting the portfolio. The student photo is displayed throughout the portal as part of the student's profile. 


If you are using Student Information System (SIS), the grade is automatically populated for each student and updated with every year. If you are not using SIS, when a student or teacher visits a portfolio for the first time a prompt will appear to select the current grade. The current grade can be changed at any time by clicking the pencil icon next to the grade. New content is associated with the currently selected grade. 

If you are not using SIS, students can set their grade on a new portfolio. Once set, only teachers can modify a student's current grade.

Personal Profile

Personal profiles are saved for each grade. Students or teachers can edit personal profiles. Editing the profile text only modifies the current grade. Previous years profile text can be editing by selecting the grade in the filter bar.