Surveys let other people fill out your list—like a sign-up sheet or questionnaire—where you can see it all in one place online. You can create a survey that others fill out just by opening the link you provide. You’ll see everyone’s response compiled in one online spreadsheet.

Create a Survey

To create a survey:

  • From any document library, such as your OneDrive or Shared Documents, create a new Excel workbook in the browser.
  • Once Excel has loaded in your browser select Survey then New Survey from the HOME  ribbon tab.
  • You can specify a title, description and add questions to your survey as required. There are currently various Response Types available:
    • Text questions – short one or two word responses
    • Paragraph text – longer written responses
    • Number – numerical responses
    • Date – answer with a specific date
    • Time – answer with a specific time
    • Yes/No – simple yes or no responses
    • Choice – multiple choice responses

Edit Surveys & View Responses

Open your Excel workbook in the browser and use the Survey menu on the HOME ribbon tab to View, Edit, Delete and Share Surveys


Office 365 surveys provide the same functionality but you must create an Excel Workbook first. The Survey option is not available on the menu.