The Features page lets you configure the title and features available on your site:

  • On the Start Page drop down, select the page site visitors should see first. The Feature checkboxes you select below determine what your choices will be on this drop-down, so you may want to select the Features first, then come back to determine your start page. 
  • Select from the available class or group site features. Features can be enabled or disabled at any time without losing your data.



HomeCreate a site home page with your choice of the following features:
Special AnnouncementsSpecial announcements are a way to display temporary and urgent notices (Bus delays, animal warnings). They are displayed at the top of the home page. Site followers will see items under their My Announcements.
Featured StoriesFeatured stories are a great way to showcase initiatives or photos. Stories must contain a picture and you can add a title, link and summary text.
Featured LinksAdd a list of useful or important links to resources or other important information. Use it for things like Provincial Government  links, or important topics, such as bullying.
Featured Links with ImageAdd a list of useful or important links to resources or other important information with an image.
AnnouncementsA list of news and announcements. Site followers will see items under their My Announcements.

Handouts & Materials (Class)

Share and edit course handouts or reading materials. Sync files for easy access on a Window or Mac computer.
CalendarAdds an event calendar to your home page. List events, milestones, due dates, or any dates you want to highlight. Users can subscribe to your calendar using their computer or mobile device.
Student ListThe Student List which allows teachers to access student resources such as blogs, OneDrive, or Portfolios. Teachers can update student profile photos and easily add new students. Students and teachers can use the Student List to access other student blogs.
Student BlogsCreate and access blogs for each student in your class. Teachers can contribute to and edit content with students. Students can work together on group projects and comment on each others' public posts.

Assignments (Class)

Teachers can display a list of assignments ordered by due date. Assignments can be set to expire or go live on a specific date. Students can hand-in files for each assignment. Sync files for easy access to student hand-ins on a Window or Mac computer.
Shared Documents

Shared documents is a space to share and collaborate on documents. Files can only be edited by contributors or students. On class sites a folder is created for each student which only they can access. Users can edit documents simultaneously in the browser, Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Sync files for easy access on a Window or Mac computer.

Media GalleryA media gallery for pictures, videos, and audio recordings.
BlogA blog to share relevant topics, pictures, videos and links.
DiscussionA discussion board where students and staff can discuss the class or relevant topics.


Access students' portfolios where they can collect assignments, showcase their best work and reflect on their learning. Learn more about student portfolios.
  • Once you select the desired features, click the NEXT button to save your work and go to the Access page and continue building your site.