You can upload videos and play them back with the built in video player, or embed videos from other websites such as YouTube or Vimeo. 

Your site has a built-in HTML 5 media player to play video or audio files. The HTML 5 player can play video or audio on mobile devices such as iOS. 

Upload a Video in Edit Content 

Use your camera, phone or computer to create audio and video files which you can then add to your site.

Supported formats for uploaded videos

We recommend using MP4 video or audio files. MP4 files can be played using any modern browser, smartphone or tablet. Most digital cameras, smartphones and tablets are able to create MP4 video files.

You can use other formats, but they may not be playable by all users or require the Silverlight plugin to view.

  1. Open the Edit Content window on your page. For details see the topic, Edit Content.
  2. Use the From Computer option under Video and Audio menu on the INSERT ribbon tab.
  3. Upload your file and click the OK button to insert the video.

Embed a Video in Edit Content Areas

Videos from services such as YouTube or Vimeo will playback on most devices. The behavior of embedded videos will depend on the provider. 

  1. Open the Edit Content  window on your page.
  2. On the INSERT ribbon tab, select Video and Audio from the formatting ribbon and then select Embed, to embed code.


Typically most video websites, such as YouTube or Vimeo have an embed option. On YouTube you can find the HTML embed code as below. Under Share > Embed, then copy the HTML to your clipboard.

Add other Edit Content areas to a page

If you wish to place a video somewhere else on your page, you can add the Content Editor web part and then follow the steps above.

  1. Add the Content Editor web part by editing the page, selecting Add App, and finding Content Editor under the Media & Content category of web parts. See Add an App to a page to learn more.
  2. When editing the page place your cursor inside the Content Editor app. 
  3. Open the first INSERT ribbon tab to find the Video and Audio option 
  4. Follow steps above to upload or embed your video or audio content.