The following video explains how to access your Staff Room site as well as how to start adding content. 

For detailed steps on how to do these things, follow the links below:

Access Your Staff Room

The Staff Room is available on your School site.

To access your Staff Room:

  • Click School in the Site Tabs. See the topic Navigation to learn about how to navigate your site. 

  • Click Staff Room on the Site Navigation Bar. 

  • The Staff Room page displays. 

Note: Some sites have been configured to have the School Home page as their staff room. If so, the words 'Staff Room' will display on the page header beside the school name.

Add a Banner Image

Banner images add personality and warmth to any site.

Though you can use any size of image, the ideal banner size should have a 4:1 ratio (such as 800 pixels wide by 200 pixels high) to allow room for text to appear on the screen below. You can use up to 800 x 250 for some images.

To add a banner image:

  • Below the Staff Room heading, click the edit content easy button.
  • Then click the INSERT tab.

  • Click the Picture button then select where you will be uploading the picture from. Your choices are: From ComputerFrom Address (i.e., on the Internet), or From Sharepoint
  • For this example, select From Computer to upload the image from your computer. 
  • In the Upload Image pop-up window, click the Browse button beside the Choose a file field.
  • Find and upload the file you wish to select and click the Open button. Tip: An ideal size is 800 x 200 or 750 x 175 pixels in landscape format.
  • Once the filename is in the Choose a filed fiels, click the OK button.
  • Click the Save button to finish uploading the file and return to the Edit page window.
  • Click the Publish button to publish the image.


For more information, see the topic Insert Ribbon Tab on the Edit Content page.

Add Welcome Text

Welcome text helps staff and teachers know more about the staff room site. You can add it at the same time as the banner image or or before or after. The following steps explain how to add it after the banner image, but the instructions are the same.

To add welcome text:

  • Below the Staff Room heading on your Staff Room page, click the edit content easy button.
  • The Edit page content window displays with the FORMAT TEXT tab pre-selected.

  • Type or enter the welcome text you wish to add to your site. In the example above, a heading has been added and then formatted using Heading 1.
  • You can format the text using styles or the font formatting available in the FORMAT TEXT tab. For more information on how to use this see the topic Formatting Ribbon Tab in Edit Content.
  • When you have added and formatted the content, click the Publish button to save and publish your work.

Now that you can access the Staff Room and have some welcome text and a banner image, find out how to further customize it.