Links with Images allow you to add image links to popular spots (such as Provincial sites, Supply Lists, Google Translate, etc.) to your site. Links can be edited and deleted the same as Featured Links. See the topic Featured Links for details.

Image links allow you to add customized links with colour and an images for greater visual appeal. IMage links are available as a content template for Custom List View. You add them as an app to your page and select a template.

Install the Featured Links with Image App

To add the custom list view app:

  • On the page you wish to add the image links to, add the Featured Links with Image app, click the EDIT utility link.
  • Click Add an App on the area of the page you would like the Image Links to be. 
  • Under Categories, select Scholantis.
  • Under Parts, select Featured Links with Image
  • Click the Add button to add the app. The Featured Links with Image App displays:

  • Click the Click here to create a Featured Image Links list link. The New Link of Edit Items easy buttons are placed:

  • Click the SAVE utility link to save your changes.

To create a new image link:

  • Click the New Link easy button, or on the + symbol before it to access the Featured Image Links - New Item dialog box.

  • Enter the name displayed in the link in the Title field.
  • Enter the link address in the URL field.
  • To have the link open into a new browser tab or window, select the Open in new window checkbox.
  • Enter the order in which you would like the link to display in the Sort Order field. For example, to have a link always display on the top, give it a sort order of 1. By default, the links will be sorted in the order in which they are created. 
  • Click the Attach File button to attach an image.
  • Click the Choose File button, find the file you wish to attach, and then click the Open button to attach it.

  • Click the OK button to attach the image.
  • Click the colored box next to the Color field to choose a color from the picker.

  • Choose a colour and click the OK button when done.
  • Click the Save button when you are done.


Hover Mouse Over Title

Only the first line of the link title displays. For longer link names, hover your mouse over the title to read the entire caption.