Portfolio content can be easily tagged when creating or editing items. Tags are shared across your district and managed centrally by an administrator.

We recommend working together to come up with a shared set of tags to meet a broad set of needs.

Edit Portfolio Categories

To edit portfolio categories:

  • On your SharePoint server, open Central Administration.
  • Select Manage service applications from Application Management.
  • Select the Managed Metadata Service.
  • Click the arrow beside Scholantis Portfolio to open it and then click the Categories node to view and edit categories.

Deleting an existing category un-assigns ALL existing portfolio items for ALL students. Deleted categories cannot be easily restored. Modifying portfolio categories should be done with care.

If you require access to the Term Store management page or are uncomfortable making changes yourself, please get in touch.

Add Targeted Categories

Categories can be targeted to specific grades or schools.

To add targeted categories:

  • Create a category as normal.
  • Select the category and open the Custom Properties tab.
  • Under Shared Properties, click Add.

  • To target the category by grade:
    • In the Shared Property Name field, enter "Grades" to create a property named "Grades".
    • In the Value field, enter the list of grades to target to in numerical value, delimited by commas (e.g., to target Kindergarten to grade 5, use 0,1,2,3,4,5).
  • To target the category by school:
    • In the Shared Property Name field, enter "Locations" to create a property named "Locations".
    • In the Value field, enter the list of schools to target to by school code, delimited by commas (e.g., school.abc,school.efg where abc and efg are school IDs)

If both "Grades" and "Locations" are specified, the category will be available to students who satisfy both requirements.

School IDs are typically defined by the school site's URL. For example, the school located at https://portal.scholantis.com/school/abc would have the ID abc.