School Days can be displayed on your school site if your district has the School Day feature implemented on their public web site. These instructions only apply if your district has implemented this feature. 

Set the School Days list:

  • To set the school day list, download this file:


  • Then follow the instructions, below, to quickly generate the content for that list.

The following instructions must be followed exactly in order for the content to be generated correctly. If you are having problems please contact Scholantis support.

Editing works best in Internet Explorer on a PC Desktop.

To generate school days:

  • Open Excel.  
  • Ensure that Excel has the following date format: mm/dd/yyyy h:mm AM/PM.
  • Download and open this file: SchoolDayTool.xlsx
  • Within the SchoolDayTool.xlsx file, set the Number of different school day the number of different school days you have. This can only be a integer.
    For example: If your district has days ABCD, EFGH, BADC, and FEHG, it would count as having 4, as their are 4 different school days
  • In the Date field, set the date of the first School Day to 1. Keep the hour at 12:00 AM. If for some reason 1 is not the first day, fill in the other days in the School Day list manually.
    In the ABCD example, this would mean that you will need to set the date of the first ABCD day.
  • Select Row 3, for Columns A,B,C,D. 

  • Cick the green box at the bottom right corner of the 3rd row D column and drag it down to the number of days that is the school year.
  • Set any ProD or non weekend holidays by changing the School day binary field for that row from 1 to 0 for that date (weekends are automatic).
  • Once that is all done, select, from top to bottom, the School Day Value and Date columns for all the school dates (do not select the Column headers)

  • Copy that data.
  • Go to your district's school day list  (<Your Public District Site URL>/Lists/SchoolDays )
  • Click the Edit button on the School Days page.

  • Select the top field under Title on the School Day page.
  • Paste your data.
  • Wait for all the data to finish copying over before saving the list. 
  • You may need to copy over in small chunks if the network is not able to handle it.  Add in any manual dates that occurred before the first School Day 1.