The Settings menu displays at the top right of every page that you have Admin rights to. This menu provides access to important options and settings.

If you've used previous versions of SharePoint, it used to be called called Site Actions. 

If you are an Administrator, the Settings menu for most pages will look like this:

On Class or Group sites, the Settings menu looks like this:

Menu Items

The following items are available from the Settings menu. Some or all options may not be available based on your permissions for a site.

Shared with...Find out who can access your site and invite other users.

Edit Page 

Lets you modify the content and apps displayed ion your page. 

Add a page

Allows you to add a page to your site. The page will be displayed on the top navigation bar on your site. Creating a page is the best option when you want to add more content to your site.

Add a site

While this option allows you to create a new site below the current site, we recommend you create a new site using the Site Contents instead. Create a new site only when you need an entirely new space to store and secure your content.

Site Contents

Allows you to access all lists, libraries, and other apps on your site. You can add another app from here.

Recycle Bin

Find and restore recently deleted items.

Site Settings

Grants access to all settings for the sites (for advanced users only).