The Site Directory displays a directory of information within a section of your website or portal. Site directory lets you easily control which items are displayed and allows you to include descriptions of each area.

Add the Site Directory

Like all apps, you can add or remove the Site Directory app by editing the page, selecting Add an App, and finding Site Directory under the Scholantis category. See Add an App to a Page to learn more about adding apps.

Configure the Site Directory

You can easily configure the Site Directory to display the contents and information available within a section of your site.

To edit an existing Site Directory app, Edit the page and select Edit App from the menu. See Edit or Delete an App from a Page to learn more about editing apps.

The Site Directory app tool pane displays the settings common to all apps, and those specific to the Site Directory

Site Directory Context

Select which navigation set to display items from:

  • Current - the left navigation. 
  • Global - the top navigation.
Site Map ProviderSelect which SharePoint navigation provider to use. Each provider behaves differently.
Maximum DepthSpecify the maximum level of navigation the site directory should display.
Description Word LimitSpecify the maximum number of words to display from the site's description.
AscendingChoose whether to order items in ascending alphabetical order or use the navigation order.
Show Types

Select a specific type of navigation items to display.

The following options are available: None, Area, Page, List, ListItem, PageLayout, Heading, AuthoredLinkToPage, AuthoredLinkToWeb, AuthoredLinkPlain, Custom, Error, AuthoredLink, Default, All

Override ClassSpecify a CSS style class to customise the look of the site directory.