Find a Class

Classes you are following automatically display on your My Site page. You can also search for classes at your school or at other schools in your district that you have access to.

There are many ways to find a class, simply click the FIND A CLASS button on your My Site - Home page. By default, your school will be selected and all the classes in your school will display.

To search for a class, see Find a Class or Group Site.

Comment on Assignments

You can use the comments to ask questions of the teacher, get help, or tell them how you're doing.

To enter comments:

  • On the Assignments page or from your My Site page, click on the name of the assignment.
  • Enter your comment in the Make a comment field.

  • Click the SEND button.

Turn In Assignments

Assignments for all classes display on the student's My Site page, under My Assignments. Assignments can also be found on the Class site, by clicking the Assignments link on the Class page.

When you turn in an assignment, you can type directly into the Add text to your assignment submission field. You can also upload files, or copy them from online resources, such as Shared Documents or OneDrive.

You can also make comments or ask questions of the teacher using the Comments field.

Access an Assignment 

You can access an assignment by clicking on it directly from the My Site page or from the list of assignments on the Class - Assignments page.


To access an assignment:

  • Click the assignment name to view it.

Create a New Assignment File to Turn In

To create a new Word, Excel or PowerPoint file:

  • Click New.
  • Select the type of assignment file to create: Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.
  • Work with the file online and save your homework.
  • Click the TURN IN button to turn the assignment in.

Upload an Assignment to Turn In 

To upload a file:

  • Drag and drop your homework files into the drop files here field.


  • Click Upload and browse for your homework on your computer.
  • Browse for your assignment and attach it.
  • Once it has been attached, click the TURN IN button.

Turn In an Assignment from an Online Source

To copy a file from an online source:

  • Click Copy From... to access the copy from menu.

  • Select which source to copy the file from (such as OneDrive 365, Shared Documents, Google Drive, etc.)
  • FInd the file to share.
  • Click the Insert button to insert the file. 
  • Once it has been attached, click the TURN IN button.

Take Back an Assignment

If you turn in an assignment by mistake or want to make changes to an assignment, you can do so as long as your teacher hasn't marked it yet. Note: Any assignments handed in after the due date will be marked as late.

To take back an assignment:

  • Click the TAKE BACK button beside the assignment.

View Marked Assignments

Once the teacher has marked your assignment, you mark will appear under the ASSESSMENT column on the Class - Assignments page: