Sync is a great way to quickly publish content from your portal to your public website, or if you're a district site editor to other schools' portals.

Sync Overview

School site editors can easily sync content to your website. District site editors can also sync content to one or more schools in your district.

Only the following content can be sync'd from the home page of your school or district site:

  • Events
  • Special Announcements
  • Announcements 
  • Documents (Publications)
  • Featured Stories

Sync Delay

If you are not signed into your public website it can take a few minutes for sync'd items and updates to appear.

Sync'd items cannot be edited from their destination, only the source item can be changed. This is to avoid multiple authors overwriting changes.

Sync Content from your School Portal 

When you add or edit an item which can be sync'd you will see a Display on Web checkbox.

  1. Check Sync to Web and your content will be sync'd to your public website.
  2.  Save your item and it will appear on the destination sites in a few moments.

Sync Content from your District Portal 

When you add or edit an item which can be sync'd you will see a Sync To field and Display on Web checkbox.

  1. In the Sync To field start typing the name of one or more destination schools or click the tag icon to select schools. Presets tags such as All Elementary Schools and All High Schools are also available.
  2. Check Sync to Web and your content will also be sync'd to the public websites of the select schools.
  3. Save your item and it will appear on the destination sites in a few moments.

Sync to Websites Only

If you only wish to sync items to school websites, and not portals, please access the sync features from your district website which allow this.

Sync Announcements

District or school site admins can also add attachments to announcements to quickly add images or files. Attached images will be displayed in the announcement summary view as a thumbnail. Attached files are available to download. 
This feature lets you add content to sync'd announcements and not worry about viewers being able to view or download linked images or files. Without this ability sync'd content can be inaccessible because it links to content (e.g. images or files) stored in a secure area of your portal.

Sync Documents (Publications)

You can sync documents from one site to other sites, by first uploading them and then using Edit Properties from the item menu.

To sync a document to a school site or to the web:

  • With your web browser, navigate to the document library that the document is in.
  • Select the document you would like to sync to a different site.
  • Click the ellipsis beside the document name, and in the pop-up, select the ellipsis again.

  • Select Edit Properties from the drop-down menu to access the properties dialog.

  • If you would like to make the document publicly available via your website, select the Sync To Web check box. Otherwise, leave it clear.
  • To sync the document from a district to a school site, click the label icon to the right of the Sync To field.

  • Select the school you would like to sync the document to. You can also choose All Schools, or categoeis of schools. Double-click on the name to select it, or highlight the name and click the Select >> button.
  • Click the OK button.
  • In the properties dialog, the school name will be populated into the Sync To field. 
  • Click the Save button to sync the document and return to the document library.