Sync your personal OneDrive or document libraries to your computer and access files from File Explorer instead of from a web browser. Updates to your files will sync to your OneDrive or document libraries whenever you’re online.

To use this feature you must have the OneDrive for Business sync app, available with Office 2013, an Office 365 subscription, or as a free download from Microsoft. OneDrive was formerly called SkyDrive.

OneDrive for Business Sync for Mac (Preview) is also now available.

Sync OneDrive or a Document Library

To sync your personal OneDrive or any other document library: 

  • Navigate to the library you want to sync. 
  • Select the Sync button in the Utility Links (found at top right of the Ribbon Bar).
  • An External Protocol Request dialog displays. Click the Launch Application button.
  • A Which library do you want to sync? dialog displays with the name and and web address of the library filled in. If you would like to change the location the library will be stored on your local drive, use the Change link.

  • Click the Sync Now button.
  • You will be prompted to login to the portal with OneDrive. (Or, if you are already logged in, this step will not display).
  • In the Select the library you want to sync dialog, select the library to sync.
  • Click the Sync selected button to start the sync app wizard. 


  • Click the Show my files… button to open the synced library folder in File Explorer.

Finding Your OneDrive Files

Depending on which folder you selected when you synced the files, the folder will then be listed in a Sharepoint folder in a subfolder named after the School or District name.

Depending on the version you used, if you synced with OneDrive, the library may also display in File Explorer as OneDrive - DistrictName. When you're opening or saving an Office document, your screen looks similar to this:


If you are prompted for a username and password or having problems syncing save your login information for Sync, Outlook, Word, Excel and other Microsoft Office programs.

The Chrome browser sometimes blocks Sync, click the shield icon (top right) to unblock it .

Microsoft Resources

Limits on Syncing OneDrive and Document Libraries

Note the following limitations related to syncing OneDrive and other document libraries to your computer:

  • You can sync up to 20,000 items in your OneDrive library, including folders and files.
  • You can sync up to 5,000 items in site libraries, including folders and files.
  • In any library, you can download files up to 2 GB.