The Twitter app displays a list of tweets from a Twitter account or the results of a twitter search (such as a hashtag).

Add the Twitter App

Like all apps, you can add or remove the Twitter app by editing the page, selecting Add an App, and finding Twitter under the Scholantis category. See Add an App to a Page to learn more about adding apps.

Set the Twitter ID

Once you've added the Twitter app to a page, you'll need to set the ID. This is your twitter @ username.

To enter your twitter username:

  • Enter your username in the username field.

  • Click the APPLY button.
  • Save the page by clicking the SAVE button in the Utility Links ont he top of the page.

Edit the Twitter App

You can easily configure the feed used to display tweets, and other general app settings, from the tool pane. 

To edit an existing Twitter app Edit the page and select Edit App from the app menu. See Edit or Delete an App from a Page to learn more about editing apps.

The Twitter app tool pane displays the settings common to all apps, and those specific to the Twitter app. 

Twitter Settings

Most common settings are available under twitter settings:

Name Specify the twitter account name (e.g. @scholantis) or specify a search term or hashtag (e.g. scholantis or #scholantis).
Include replies Display replies in the feed (use with caution as you will not control content).
Include retweetDisplay retweets in the feed (use with caution as you will not control content).
Count Specify how many tweets to display. 0 is an unlimited number (set to the default)
Turn on sliderSelect this checkbox to display your tweets as a slideshow. By default, this checkbox is deselected, meaning your tweets will display as a list on the page.
Show imagesSelect this checkbox to display images with your tweets (if you post images). Deselect it to display text only.

Advanced Settings

Advanced settings allow you to configure caching and specify your own Twitter API keys. Twitter limits how frequently you can request feeds, for this reason the feed is only updated every 5 minutes (by default). If you require more frequent updates you can modify the cache interval and specify your own twitter API keys.

Cache IntervalSelect a cache interval from the drop down to change the twitter feed update frequency.
Twitter Keys, Tokens & SecretsRegister your web page address (called an 'application') at and enter the appropriate information in the tool pane. If no token is specified the app will use system wide defaults shared among all twitter apps. If the volume of feed requests (across all sites) becomes too great you should specify your twitter API information in the advanced settings for each app.