About Student Submissions

Students can access assignments from their My Site - Home page or from the Class Assignments page. Once they've clicked on the assignment, they can upload a file or enter text. They can request assistance from their teacher They submit their final, completed assignments using the TURN IN button. For more information on how students work with assignments, see Student Guide to Assignments.

View Student Submissions

To view student submissions, go to the assignment page. The student submissions display under the Submissions heading.

  • Click on their name to view their submission.

Turn in a Submission for a Student

If a student emails you a submission, you can quickly enter their assignment for them.

To turn in a submission for a student:

  • Click on the name of the student for whom you wish to create a submission.Their name displays under the submission heading.
  • Click their name again to open their submission.

  • Here, you can copy and paste their text in the Add text to your assignment submission field. Click the checkmark icon when you are done.
  • You can also attach their assignment. See Attach an Assignment File for directions.
  • When you are done, click the TURN IN button.


Comments allow teachers and students to communicate in real time about the assignment. It's a quick place for teachers to answer student questions or concerns.

View Comments

To view a student comment:

  • On the Assignments page, click on the name of the assignment.
  • A list of students who have interacted with the assignment (e.g., opened the assignment, edited it, left a comment, etc.) displays.
  • If the student has commented, it displays below:

  • Click on the X Comment link (e.g., 1 Comment) to view the student comments.

Comment on Assignments

To comment on an assignment:

  • Enter a comment in the Make a comment field.
  • Click the SEND button.

  • Once the comment has been made, you can edit it or delete it by clicking the pencil icon (to edit) or the trash can icon (to delete).

Assess Assignments

Once students have submitted their assignments, the No Submissions link beside the assignment changes to say #/#Assessed (e.g., 0/23 Assessed), where the top number indicates the number that have been marked and the bottom number indicates the number of students who have viewed the assignment at least once. The teacher is able to access the submissions by selecting the assignment and then clicking each student's name.  

View and Edit Student Submissions

  • Click the assignment to open it and access the list of student submissions.
    The submissions are listed by student NAME by default. You can also sort by EDITED DATE, or GRADE, by clicking the corresponding filter. If the fields are sorted in ascending order, the up arrow will display. If sorted by descending order, the down arrow displays.
  • Click the student's name to access their assignment submission.

  • In the above diagram, the student uploaded a Word document for their assignment. If the student typed their assignment into the text field provided, it would display in the Add text to your assignment submission field.
  • To view the attached document, click the View link. The document opens in a new web browser tab.
  • To preview the document inline, click the document name.
  • To edit the Word document, click the Edit link. From here, you can make any edits or comments to the Word document in Microsoft Word Online.

    Only .docx files are editable in Office Word Desktop version, not .doc files.

    Comments Inside Documents

    When viewing a Microsoft Word document, you can select the text and add contextual comments to provide students with feedback and encouragement. If you add comments inline as text (when editing a document) you may wish to change your font color so it stands out. For information on how to comment using Word Web App, see Microsoft Office Support.

Return or Delete Assignments

If there is something wrong with a student assignment, or you would like to see them do more work on it, you can return their submission to a student at any time. Students can also Take Back their assignments. 

To return an assignment:

  • Access the student's submission by clicking the Assignments link, then Graded link beside the assignment name.
  • Click below the student's name to view the submission.
  • Click the RETURN button. The student will have the opportunity to turn it in again.

To delete a student submission:

  • Access the student's submission by clicking the Assignments link, then Graded link beside the assignment name.
  • Click below the student's name.
  • Click the Delete Submission link. The student will have the opportunity to turn it in again.

Assess Assignments

To assess an assignment:

  • Access the student's submission by clicking the Assignments link, then Graded link beside the assignment name.
  • Click below the student's name.
  • Click the Not Assessed field beside the student's assignment. 
  • Enter the assessment (can be numbers, letters or even plain text). 
  • Click the checkmark icon to complete the grade.
  • The grade will then be visible to the student. 

Copy an Assignment to a Portfolio

Students or teachers can copy a student's best work to their portfolio so it can be kept for future use.

To copy an assignment to a portfolio:

  • From within the assignment, click the COPY TO PORTFOLIO button.

  • A confirmation dialog box displays. Click the OK button to copy the assignment to the portfolio.

Copying an assignment to a student's portfolio includes the teacher's assessment as well as any comments.