The March (3.2) release includes a number of new features and enhancements, and will be deployed on the second Tuesday, 12th March

Starting April we are revising the schedule to the third Tuesday of the month to avoid any potential collision with Microsoft's scheduled updates. Please take note of the new schedule and revise any service announcements as needed. 

Below is a summary of 3.2 changes (since 3.1.3):

New for Websites

  • Website Forms - Create forms to allow website visitors to submit general enquiries, feedback, registrations, jobs applications and anything you can imagine to a list.
  • User Directory - Provide a list of staff, teachers and principals on your website with information populated from Active Directory. You can choose which fields and users can be included or excluded as needed.
  • Twitter Feed - Like it says on the tin! Display a twitter feed from an account, styled to match your existing website, or portal (general release).
  • Events this Week -  New event summary which displays the week ahead by day, includes the ability to navigate between weeks.

New for Portals

  • My Announcements - See all your announcements (including special alerts) from your school/department, classes, groups and the district.
  • My Public Site - Provide staff and teachers a really easy to use, simple personal site to publish information on the internet. Enabled on request and currently in beta; this feature is aimed at supporting ex First Class customers.
  • Site Directory - Display a list of sub sites from the current page. Intended to provide a really useful directory for areas of the portal; can also display site descriptions if populated (general release).


  • Sync functionality improved to support multiple destinations and host named web applications.
  • Improved logic to determine user’s department or school from Active Directory groups.
  • District location added to the teacher listing dropdown (when finding a class it lists all teachers including teachers not assigned to a school).
  • Featured Stories now have a checkbox to open links in a new window.
  • Ribbon bar hidden when viewing anonymous portal sites. Sign in link provided to anonymous users (on role navigation).
  • New diagnostic tools (view solution assembly versions, object explorer, re-organised diagnostic tools). Improved logging (primarily for Active Directory).
  • Improved performance for Active Directory (affects personalised web parts). Cache time increased to 24hrs, app pool/IIS reset required for property and membership changes.
  • Improved handling of invalid users or groups in Active Directory.
  • Improved handling of non Scholantis web apps.
  • Image gallery web part support added for all clients.
  • Fly-out arrow hidden from portal top navigation bar.
  • Support for custom fonts in portal.
  • Custom JavaScript minified for improved client performance.


  • Important: Students see announcements from all classes on their dashboard (in certain situations).
  • Important: Some class site web parts missing add link on summary view.
  • Important: Custom list view leader text sometimes incorrectly crops HTML tags (e.g. anchor tags in announcements, events etc.)
  • Important: Active Directory group names with special characters now processed correctly.
  • Right column sidebar not re-sizing for dynamic content.
  • IE issues related to role navigation positioning and layout.
  • Portal featured story stretching images on 100% width pages. District style updated to school style and set to fixed width.
  • Featured stories correctly strips HTML tags when displaying summary text (prevents open tags).
  • Corrected padding of portal utility and sign in links.
  • Fixed padding and font colors on featured stories (some clients).
  • Custom list view does not work correctly when pointed at lists outside current site collection.
  • SharePoint list views for announcement and events no longer stacks title and body (some client).
  • Class and group home page set correctly when no features selected.

More Information

If you've chosen to deploy updates automatically your environment will be updated on the third Tuesday of the month. If not let us know if you’d like to opt-in for a given month. For more information on this process please see our original notice