The April (3.3) release includes a number of new features and enhancements, and will be deployed on the third Tuesday, 16th April

We have revised the schedule to the third Tuesday of the month to avoid any potential collision with Microsoft's scheduled updates. Please take note of the new schedule and revise any service announcements as needed. 

This update is strongly recommended due to the resolution of an important Active Directory group import issue. Below is a summary of 3.3 changes (since 3.2):


  • Show lists anywhere on a web or portal site – Show information around your portal or website. For example you can display your list of district website announcements on all your school websites, or similarly for displaying portal district staff announcements on school staff rooms. You can also still use sync to copy individual items from the portal to the website.
  • Mobile device enhancements – Menu fly outs now have improved touch support for mobile devices such as iOS, Android and Blackberry.
  • Update Improvements – JavaScript and CSS style sheets now automaticallyexpire in web browsers when files are changed; a common end user support issue after updates, no more clearing your cache requests! In addition updates are now faster to minimise site interruptions. And lastly automatic validation of Scholantis configuration has been significantly extended, including further validation of Active Directory group setup.

Resolves & Enchances

  • Critical – Association of users to schools or locations using Active Directory groups enhanced and bugs squashed. 
  • Important – Theme specific master pages collapsed to a single master page for all sites (to support future themes features and SharePoint 2013 upgrade).
  • Support for Active Directory sub domains on portals.
  • All users with with appropriate list permissions can now sync list items.
  • Search box now clears text in all situations (Microsoft bug).
  • Status update box now provided as a web part for general use outside of the hub or profile pages.
  • My Announcements now only shows filters relevant to the current user.
  • Special announcements now use custom list view to allow easier customisation and setup.
  • Site information list improved for easier editing and an increased character length limit.
  • Special announcements styling fixes for some clients.
  • Summary web parts default template now set correctly on all web parts.
  • Alignment of note board on Hub/My Site profile pages.
  • Fixed padding of page description on some pages (mostly settings pages).
  • SharePoint workflows can now be configured without errors on all lists/libraries.
  • Portal search layout fixed for some versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Web part and headings font sizes inconsistency resolved for some clients.
  • Correct modal dialog styles on portal for some clients.
  • Portal search removed for anonymous users.
  • All CSS style sheets and JavaScript now minified and cached.
  • Fixed site manager bugs including an issue enabling web parts in specific circumstances.
  • Enhancements and bug fixes to administration and diagnostic features.
  • Featured stories now supports specific page style customisation (custom CSS class web part property).
  • Improved support for design customisation based on whether users are authenticated or anonymous.
  • Fixed existing iOS touch menu support on specific pages.
  • Improved support for page customisation based on the current site type (e.g. class/school), page URL and or user’s role (e.g. teacher/student).

Coming Soon

  • Class, group and personal site themes – Allow teachers and staff to easily customise the look of their own sites.
  • Enhanced class hand in box – Streamlined experience and improved features for teachers and students.
  • After that - Check out my post on our user group where I posted some of our plans around the longer term.

More Information

If you've chosen to deploy updates automatically your environment will be updated on the third Tuesday of the month. If not let us know if you’d like to opt-in for a given month. For more information on this process please see our original notice