The May (3.4) release includes the following features, enhancements and bug fixes. It will be deployed on the third Tuesday, 21st May

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  • Blog Posts & Document List Templates - New custom list view templates let you quickly display a summary of blogs posts or a really clean list of documents. Custom list view lets you display a list from anywhere on the current web application, you'll find it under Scholantis when you add a web part.
  • Enhanced administration and maintenance tools - Manage and validate property configuration (such as AD groups). Streamlined (WSP) solution management and deployment. Remote monitoring capability for configuration & solutions status.
  • Initial SharePoint 2013 Support - Base feature support for SharePoint 2013 to allow future upgrades from SharePoint 2010.

Resolves & Enhances

  • Important - Class and group site owners are now made site collection administrators (including admin users for troubleshooting)
  • Important - SharePoint Designer workflows activities now fully working.
  • Important - Anonymous Portal sites now scroll correctly for non-authenticated users.
  • My Site/Hub home page now supports editing using the normal SharePoint browser menus.
  • Site actions menu in class and group sites no longer displays manage and delete site menu options for users without permission.
  • Edit content link on class and group sites no longer cropped by overlapping web parts.
  • Special announcements layout and link color improvements.
  • SharePoint toolbar text is now correctly aligned.
  • Base set of social media icons added.
  • My Assignments now displays a tool-tip with the associated class name for each assignment.
  • Document menus now adjust page size when opening.
  • Weekly calendar view layout bug fixed.
  • Storm Forum style fixes.
  • Corrected log levels - warning and information events reported as critical errors (Windows Event Log and Unified Logging system).
  • Invalid tag in footer links removed (broke footer layout in certain conditions).
  • Site manager correctly adds a removed user if they are re-added during a session.
  • Scroll bars not appearing on portal sites in Chrome under certain conditions.
  • Header logo area increase in size to support larger logos.
  • Web parts now set to correct width in all situations.

Coming Soon

  • Our near term focus is SharePoint 2013 support (currently in alpha) andsustainment. Our goal is to maximize system availability, reduce service interruptions as well as identifying and resolving issues as quickly as possible.
  • Farm wide application status and tracking (IIS site and app pool state) to ensure availability during both normal operation and updates. Our plan is to ultimately incorporate some form of service monitoring.
  • Maintenance pages to provide an improved user experience during system maintenance.
  • Branded 404 resource not found pages for all web applications (SharePoint's out of box pages leave much to be desired).

More Information

If you've chosen to deploy updates automatically your environment will be updated on the third Tuesday of the month. If not let us know if you’d like to opt-in for a given month. For more information on this process please see our original notice