The August update (3.5) will be deployed on the third Tuesday, 19th of August. This release represents another major milestone delivering significant new featuresSharePoint 2013 beta support, as well as numerous other improvements, bug fixes and tweaks.


Personalize class and group sites with your own colors and branding. The class and group dialog now includes a theme tab allowing users to select a color theme and customize the site's logo.

Assignments & Hand-ins 

The submission of homework and associated assignments has been completely revamped. Students can submit homework assignments directly from the My Assignments list. Teachers can create individual assignments (to organize the hand-ins) or students can submit homework directly to classes. All current assignments and hand-ins will continue to be available.

My Announcements

Improved rollup and display of announcements from departments and staff rooms. The user experience has been enhanced and now displays more information including the original author, date and a brief synopsis of each announcement. The aim is to provide a simple way to view relevant activity from across the district. Staff room support is supported for most clients and requires the configuration of member groups for sites.

Form Viewer Captcha

The form web part now includes an option to prevent unwanted spam for contact and registration forms on your website. Included in 3.4.2 this is a general release.


  • Sync - Sending items to your website now with multiple attachment support and items display the actual creator on the destination list.
  • Blog commenting - All new blog sites will permit authenticated users to comment (already the behavior on personal blogs).
  • Quick Search - Search scopes (if configured) are now respected in quick search results.
  • Faster Content Rollup - Reduced latency around the display of new announcements or assignments.
  • Page Load Speed - Improve site loading performance, the number of page requests is reduced.
  • Claims Support - To support claims based authentication in SharePoint 2013 complete Claims based security support is now included.


  • Important - Performance issue caused by caching bug is resolved. This affected personal navigation and aggregation web parts intermittently.
  • Class & group sites can no longer be created with a blank title.
  • Twitter web part now displays links as hyperlinks.
  • Twitter web part now supports all hash tags.
  • Twitter web part now works on class and group sites.
  • Class & assignment web part now works on personal sites.
  • Form viewer (Contact web part) now works renders correctly on all sub sites.
  • Form viewer (Contact web part) displays all lists fields and captures radio value submissions correctly.
  • Form viewer (Contact web part) now displays warning when no source list is selected.
  • Correct branding applied to all new blog sites.
  • Blog summary web part now removes invalid video links.
  • Search JavaScript errors resolved and improved client side script handling.
  • Special announcements animal alerts now work in all situations.
  • Site template descriptions fixed.
  • Logging and error handling improvements.
  • Aggregation using search of sites or items would fail under certain conditions.
  • Custom list view templates now respect list settings to launch items in dialogs.

More Information

If you've chosen to deploy updates automatically your environment will be updated on the third Tuesday of the month. If not let us know if you’d like to opt-in for a given month. For more information on this process please see our original notice