The September 2013 update (3.6) will be deployed on the third Tuesday, 17th of September


  • Scholantis API - We have now included some initial API services to provide Scholantis data to other systems. The initial REST services return status and monitoring information via SSL and a secure API token.


  • Theme picker now includes an option to reset all sub sites.
  • News and event web parts now display Office Web App links if configured.
  • My Announcements summary pop-out now displays source site name.
  • Edit Content now displays an icon for page editors.
  • New simple document library web part displays file type icon and name (Scholantis web parts category).


  • Important - Issue where members may be removed from a class or group site (hotfix already deployed to all clients).
  • Setting themes on web sites using new settings page now works in all situations.
  • Search on the Hub/My Site does not return complete results (some customers).
  • Portal role links no longer appear to anonymous users (on class and group sites).
  • View submission link on My Assignments now works in all situations.
  • Fixed missing image references.
  • Fixed Scholantis administration pages JavaScript error.
  • Fixed site manager issues in Internet Explorer 7.
  • Form Viewer email validation works correctly.
  • Fixed submit assignment button layout issue.
  • Fixed quick search layout issues in all browsers.
  • Fixed logo layout, upload and preview issues in site manager.
  • Fixed typo in Buy/Sell web part template.
  • Intermittent issue with assignment web part display resolved.
  • Class and group site wikis now have a new page option in site actions menu.
  • Blog displays correct heading colors in all instances.

More Information

If you've chosen to deploy updates automatically your environment will be updated on the third Tuesday of the month. If not let us know if you’d like to opt-in for a given month. For more information on this process please see our original notice