The October 2013 update (3.7) will be deployed on the fourth Tuesday, 22nd of October. 


  • Class & Group Welcome Email - Users now receive a welcome email with a link to their site when they create class or group sites. The message is sent to the site creator, includes the district logo, and can be easily shared with staff, students, or parents. 
  • Beautiful Image Galleries - A simple to use and attractive gallery users can easily add to their sites (Add Web Part > Scholantis category). The gallery provides a full screen overlay which displays the image title and paging between images. This component will be incorporated into class and group site manager in a future release. (General release)
  • Multi School & Department Nav - School or department users associated to multiple sites will now see a flyout menu below the School or Department links. Users can now access their desired site directly or access a list of all schools or departments.


  • Site Logo Format - The class and group site manager now allows JPG, GIF, PNG formats for site logos. Expect a wave of animated site logos!
  • Featured Stories Image Compression - Photos & images larger than 0.5MB will now be automatically served in a compressed format. This greatly improve page loading times where users have uploaded large photographs.
  • Documents Download View - A new document library web part which prompts visitors to download the file. This overrides the normal browser behavior for PDF and Office files which would normally be displayed in the browser window. This web part can be used on websites where you want users to download a file for review or editing.
  • Featured Stories Website Sync - Featured stories can now be sync'd with school portals or websites. Initially this will be enabled for selected clients with general release to follow.


  • Important - Uploading PowerPoint or large files now works correctly in assignments. Assignment hand-ins are limited to 50MB for each file.
  • Fixed styles for edit content dialog when the page already checked out.
  • Fixed browser errors on administration pages.
  • Scholantis 1 & 2 column templates can now be used on new personal document sites.
  • Removed duplicate recycle bin links on certain pages.

More Information

If you've chosen to deploy updates automatically your environment will be updated on the third Tuesday of the month. If not let us know if you’d like to opt-in for a given month. For more information on this process please see our original notice