The December update (4.0.0) will be deployed on the third Thursday, 19th of DecemberIt's like Christmas has come early this year!


Docs, Guides & Release Notes

We wanted to give you more detail about the changes in each release and provide access to the latest docs so we created this site, the Scholantis Docs site. Right now the user guides are a work in progress, we will be continuing to add and refine the content so please get in touch with your comments or feedback.  

Student Portfolios

We are currently piloting a student portfolio (ePortfolio) solution with one of our customers. We don't currently have details to share but please send us a note if you're interested in hearing more about student portfolios. The portfolio has been designed for by use by students from Kindergarten to High school. We've also made it compellingly easy for teachers to access and comment on student work.


SharePoint 2013 Portals and Websites

Not only have we have upgraded our portal and website solutions to work with SharePoint 2013 we have added, extended, smoothed and polished many of the things that you've been asking for. Here's are a few highlights of what's new...

Mobile First

We have redesigned the portals and websites with mobile and tablet devices at the forefront. Whilst we haven't forgotten about the desktop we wanted to ensure mobile and tablet users are treated as first class citizens. Content now responds to your device, not only is content presented in a screen sensitive way it behaves in a way appropriate for the device. We also support swipe or touch gestures as well as high resolution assets for retina and HD displays.


Intelligent Content & Delightful Experiences

We wanted to make it even easier to display your content and to help new customers get started. We selected some of the most common pages - such as contact us, school directory and section directories - and worked to them make easy to use and painless to manage.


A great experience is never just one thing, it's a thousand little details, and it's that perspective which has driven many of the improvements in this release. 4.0 combines the improvements in SharePoint 2013 with numerous improvements from Scholantis.

Planning a SharePoint 2013 Upgrade

We will provide further guidance about SharePoint 2013 upgrades in a future notice, in addition a SharePoint 2013 and Scholantis 4.0 demo environment will be available in the new year. If you're planning to upgrade in the near future please get in touch.




Bulk Adding Users

When creating or editing a sites using the site manager it's now incredibly easy to add users in bulk. If you're a teacher creating a class site you can now simply paste a list of students or teachers from a table in Word, an Excel Spreadsheet or a a simple text file.

Performance Improvements

The 4.0 release includes a significant investment to improve overall performance for both portals and websites. Improvements include faster loading, faster page rendering and increased server capacity. The performance improvements impact the following areas:

  • Improved initial page loading speed for first time site visits.
  • Reduced browser page loading times and more consistent page loading times.
  • Improved performance for dashboards and other aggregated data.
  • Improved SharePoint server response times and increased concurrent user capacity.
  • Reduced load on Microsoft SQL database servers.

Featured Stories Sync

Featured stories can now be sync'd like other items. Send items from your portal to your website and from the district to schools. Previously announced this is now being provided for all customers.


  • Site Manager improvements - Safely move web parts and modify navigation without worrying your changes will be reverted when using the site manager (affects class, group & staff websites).
  • Embedding Images & Documents - When embedding an image or file in a rich text area the correct folder (Images or Documents) is now selected to ensure assets are placed in sensible locations.
  • Manage Assignments - The assignments list now includes a "View Assignments" link which provides quick access to all assignments and a "View Submissions" link which provides quick access to the hand in library.
  • Department & School Titles - Site titles have been updated for all schools and departments. Announcements rolled up from these sites will now display the correct source site title name.
  • Class & Groups Newsfeed (SP2013) - Class and group sites on SharePoint 2013 can now include the newsfeed feature which gives site members a stream of activity and updates. Think of it like private Twitter for you class or group site! Use @ and # tags to start or join a conversation.
  • Custom List View Templates - Web part displays HTML markup for selected template.
  • Improved Blog Styles - Early SP2010 customers will receive improved blog styles for their websites.


  • Important - In certain situations users could view announcements for sites they had subscribed to but no longer have access. 
  • Important - Adding a user to another group in site manager could unsubscribe them.
  • Submitted assignments now display the file type icon next to the title.
  • GIF and PNG images now fully supported in Featured Images and Image Gallery
  • (SP2013) Chrome for OS X no longer prompts for Microsoft presence control (Microsoft & Google Issue, plugin no longer supported).
  • Chrome for OS X users can now type in the Create Site dialog (Microsoft issue).
  • Assignments feature renamed to Assignment Dropbox in Site Manager.
  • PDF files no longer prompt for credentials in Internet Explorer (Adobe Acrobat issue).
  • Fixed double scroll bars when using site manager with the Safari browser.
  • Blog Video (SP2013) now displays video correctly. 
  • Fixed issue where Sync creates duplicate items.
  • Fixed Portal (SP2013) menu navigation on Android devices (some mobile browsers may still experience issues).
  • Removed unnecessary log messages.
  • Position of summary overlay for My Announcements fixed in Internet Explorer 7.

More Information

If you've chosen to deploy updates automatically your environment will be updated on the third Tuesday of the month. If not let us know if you’d like to opt-in for a given month. For more information on this process please see our original notice