Happy New Year! The January 2014 update (4.1) will be deployed on the fourth Thursday, 30th of January. A slight change to our usual schedule due to the holidays.

We are planning to provide SharePoint 2013 upgrade guidance and demo access in the next few weeks.

Media Gallery 

We've extended the previously released Image Gallery to work with all media and files. It's a huge improvement over SharePoint's Media Library web part! It relies on the user's browser to play video or audio files and Office Web Apps (if available) for MS Office documents. The SharePoint Media Library will be replaced on all existing class and group sites with the new gallery part.

Sync for Websites

4.1 extends Sync to customers using SharePoint exclusively for their website, it allows district editors to easily push announcements, featured stories, events and publications to selected school websites across the district.

Assignments 'Display On' Date

Assignments can now include a display on date which allows teachers to create assignments on their class sites in advance which will then be displayed on a schedule. A much asked for feature we'd originally hoped to include in last year's assignments upgrade.

Content Injector Web Part

If you've ever edited HTML using SharePoint's Content Editor part or rich text fields you may have found your advanced HTML mangled, with styles, script or other code removed when you save the page. The Content Injector web part allows you to add arbitrary HTML to your web page without all the fuss of using text files or the using the HTML web part. Find it under Scholantis when you add web parts.


  • Email Newsletters - Re-written from the ground up, we've also made some minor improvements to this solution to make it more flexible. Newsletters can now be setup on sub-sites not just the top level site. In addition, the “from” address of the newsletter can now be modified and images can now be inserted into the email messages.
  • Monitoring & Availability - Monitoring has received another shot in the arm and now includes: web app config and IIS application pools (on all servers), search service status, user profile status, solution package and deployment status. In addition a new timer job monitors application pools and starts them if they fail to restart after a solution upgrade.
  • Page Edit Mode Experience - When editing pages your current position on the page won't be reset. We modified SharePoint's default behavior to provide a less jarring experience. A subtle improvement we hope you won't even notice, your day will just be a little more pleasant!


  • Important - Page Layouts - Home basic, Article 1 and 2 column page layout templates have been discontinued. Article layouts continue to be available in existing site collections. The layouts have been used very rarely and caused confusion to users.
  • Edit Content on Home Pages - This link has been removed from home page layouts. It affected layout and usability of home pages and was used very rarely. Content is still displayed and is easily edited using the ribbon.  
  • Featured Images will now always display the correct number of items when the lightbox feature is used.
  • The original creator of a class or group site can now be removed by another site owner.

More Information

If you've chosen to deploy updates automatically your environment will typically be updated on the third Tuesday of the month. If not let us know if you’d like to opt-in for a given month. For more information on this process please see our original notice