The August 2015 update (4.10) will be deployed on Tuesday, 18th of August.

Look for the megaphone! We've highlighted important My Site changes worthy of communicating to end users or support staff. 

Expect more information in the next week to help you promote the new class tools to Teachers across your district.

My Site - Classes, Groups & Announcements 

We've made it easy to find and access your classes and groups. The My Site still shows a list of sites you've created or are following, but you can also now search for other sites by name or owner. 

In addition to a new look, the class list now highlights upcoming assignments; assignments are just a click away! If you haven't already, check out the new assignments. We've worked hard to make teachers' lives easier this coming school year!

We've also revamped Announcements with a new look and made them easy to read. 

Apps! What's an App? 

Everything is now an App! We've simplified SharePoint's inconsistent naming of lists, libraries, web parts, app parts and apps! You can still install an app on any site, such as a document library app or OneNote for teachers app. You can also still add apps (formerly web parts) when you edit a page.

For class, group, and public site users, Manage Site is still the best and simplest way to install apps. When you use Manage Site, we install the app on your site, configure it, and add it to the page, so you don't have to worry about the details.

OneNote for Teachers & Administrators

Whether it's teachers collaborating with students or administrators working with staff, we've made it easy to use Microsoft's OneNote for Teachers or OneNote for Staff apps. On any class or group site click Manage Site and enable the app. Once enabled, use the link on your site navigation to access the OneNote app.

Download the free OneNote software on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer to access your notes anywhere!

There are a number administrator pre-requisites to make the OneNote app available to end users. For assistance deploying SharePoint Store Apps in your environment please get in touch.  

Fixes & Enhancements

  • Documents & Folders View - We've added an expanding folder view to the document template in the Custom List View app. No longer do you have to navigate through pages to get to your folders! We know it's a pet peeve for many users. Custom List View doesn't yet offer drag & drop uploading or allow creating Office documents in the browser. For that reason, we still suggest using the regular Document Library app for collaboration and editing.
  • Multiple List Rollup - Improvements to the Custom List View app allow you to roll up news, events, documents, and other lists from multiple locations in your site. We've also simplified the settings panel to make configuring the Custom List View app easier. Not all Content Templates are compatible with the new functionality. You can only include lists within the current site (and any sub-sites). You can't aggregate information across all schools, for instance. Custom List View already allows you to display information from a single list on another site (e.g., to display district news or documents on a school site).
  • New group sites automatically added to your list of groups - The Create Group app can now automatically add a link to created group sites. When creating a group on your school portal's teams and department page, a link is automatically added to the list of available sites.
  • Content Database Management - New sites will now be automatically stored in a specific content database (if one exists) based on the type of site being created. This works for the following types: class, group, portfolio, OneDrive (personal), and teacher sites. For System Administrators, this simplifies database management, backup, maintenance and upgrade activities. If new databases are created to take advantage of this feature, please ensure they are included in your backup and disaster recovery mechanisms.
  • Allow Framing & Embedding - We've made it possible to embed your portal or website pages inside a frame. System Administrators need to activate this feature for Web Applications, which require this behavior. Framing of pages is disabled by default in sharePoint 2013 as a measure to help prevent Clickjacking.
  • Invalid Site Information Content - improved error handling for invalid HTML accidentally added to a site information fields.
  • Portfolio File Previews - Fixed an issue where previews for some file types were not displayed.
  • Staff Directory - Fixed an issue where all users have invalid public website links.

Other Notes & Resources

In conjunction with some of our BC and Saskatchewan customers, we have formed a K-12 SharePoint User Group. Expect more news on this front soon, or get in touch if you'd like to get involved.

If you have feedback or comments on any of the new features or the update process, please get in touch or email us at

We're also continuing to create new user documentation and technical resources:

More Information

If you have any questions regarding the update process please see our original notice