The April 2016 update (4.14) will be deployed on Thursday, April 7th. During the update your sites will be unavailable for a few minutes at 5:00 pm local time.

Sign up now for the SharePoint User Group to gain access to the Scholantis Preview Site . We have expanded our Western (AB/BC) and Prairie (MB/SK) user groups. If you're in Ontario expect to hear more soon.

Blogs 2.0

Blogs have been re-imagined. Whether you are a student, teacher, principal or a superintendent, you'll find a totally new blog experience for websites and portals. You can now:

  • Customize your blog design.
  • Browse, draft and create content on your blog as easily and quickly as you've always wanted.
  • Add files from Google Drive, Office 365, OneDrive or your new Gallery.
  • Add moderated Facebook comments to public blogs.
  • Easily add and edit categories or find older posts from the new Archive and Category pages. 

Like all of our solutions, blogs have been designed to also work on smartphones and tablets such as iPad.

Existing portal and website blogs will be automatically upgraded to the new experience. Blogs can be added to any class or group site from Settings > Site features.


Student Blogs, Student List & Copy to Portfolio

Student Blogs is a brand new feature to let teachers create blogs for all their students. Teachers can contribute to and moderate content with students. Students can work together on group projects and comment on each others' public posts.

Copy to Portfolio sends a copy of a student blog post (including comments) to a student's portfolio with just one click. It's a great way to showcase student work to parents and create a record of student learning.

Student List is a new feature which allows teachers to access student resources such as blogs, OneDrive, or Portfolios. Teachers can update student profile photos and easily add new students. Students can use the Student List to access other students blogs.

Student Blogs and Students List can be added on any class site from Settings > Site features.

Gallery 2.0

We've totally redesigned the gallery feature to make it beautiful, mobile friendly and easy to use. The Gallery app can be added to classes, groups, public sites or websites. Gallery 2.0 lets you:

  • Easily create albums - set a title and date.
  • Upload files with drag and drop functionality.
  • Add image captions and dates - quickly edit items without needing a save button.
  • Photo dates and rotation information is automatically imported from your camera/device.
  • Works with assignments and portfolio - use Copy From... to easily insert media from your Gallery.
  • Slideshow view - see and share your photos at their best.
  • File types - upload photos or videos and view them using the built-in player. 

 Existing media files (images, video, and audio) will be automatically imported to the new Gallery. File types not supported by the new Gallery will be imported to the Handouts & Materials app (inside a 'From Gallery' folder). The Gallery app can be added on any class, group or public site from Settings > Site features. In other sites the app can be found under the Scholantis category when adding apps to a page.



Cut down on email overload by delivering information to only those who need to know. Memos are designed to communicate targeted policies, bulletins, and other critical information to relevant audiences across the district. Staff see only the memos pertinent to them. Learn more about memos and check out the preview.


Facebook App

Display your Facebook feed on your website or portal. The Facebook app lets you display any Facebook Page or Public Group feed and includes images, video and comments (optional) from the feed. The feed can be presented in either a list a slideshow format. You'll find the Facebook app under the Scholantis category when adding an app to any page.

Other Enhancements

  •  Featured Stories Display - Clients using the Scholantis classic featured stories style (i.e., non-customized designs) will notice a change to the way featured images are display. Images uploaded to the featured stories app will no longer be cropped but instead will be shrunk to the appropriate height or width available. 
  •  Assignments Summary - For each assignment, teachers now see the totals assessed submissions/total number of turned-in work. This is a change from the current summary which displays the total assessed submissions/total number of submissions.
  • Website Calendar Overlays - Available since last year on portals, we have now retro-fitted all customer websites with calendar overlays which also include the new Google Calendar and iCal integration for events (see below).
  • Accessibility Improvements - This updates provides further accessibility enhancements and standards adherence. Scholantis targets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 A standard for accessibility (required by law in Ontario for new school websites). 
  • Course Outline Retired - This feature will no longer be available for class sites. Empty course outline apps will be removed, existing content will not be affected. If you'd like to retain this feature please get in touch. The majority of course outlines are already documents so we recommend using the Handouts & Materials app to share your course outlines.
  • New 'Copy From...' OptionsAssignments, Portfolio and Blogs already let you choose files from Google Drive, Office 365, OneDrive or Shared Documents. Now teachers can also select files from Handouts & Materials or Gallery apps.
  • Google & iCal Calendar - Save any event to Google calendar, Android, iOS or Outlook. This feature adds only a single event; for multiple events Calendar Subscription is still available for iOS, Android and Outlook from the calendar page.
  • System Notices - A new way for Scholantis to inform users of impending maintenance or recent updates. Notices will appear site wide and can be dismissed by end users.
  • Mobile Friendly Discussions - The new discussions feature now has greatly improved support for viewing on tablets and smartphones.
  • Featured Links Dropdown - A new Custom List View template provides easy to manage drop-down style navigation for any page. As with all content templates, it's accessible and built for touch devices.

Minor Fixes & Changes

  • Faster My Classes & My Groups - Get to your sites faster with even faster loading speed for these apps.
  • New User Directory Fields - Additional Active Directory user properties are now available to display when configuring the User Directory app.
  • Better Edit & View Item Windows - When creating and viewing items the window is now more appropriately sized for large and small screens such as smartphones. 
  • Special Announcements Icons - Adding or editing items now displays a select-able preview of announcement types (alert, warning, weather etc.).
  • Footer Color - Footers now match your chosen site theme color to brighten up your day (just a little).
  • Manage Site Has Moved - The manage site link reminder from last December has been removed. Settings continues to be available from the top right of your site via the Settings menu.
  • Your Site is Being Created Page - When creating a student blog or portfolio the creation page now has an improved design and will take you to your site once it's been created.
  • ADFS support - Various improvements and fixes to better support ADFS and claims based authentication.
  • Portfolio Design Improvements - Various look and feel enhancements to improve Student Portfolios.

Notes & Resources

Support Plus is a new Scholantis offering to provide full service support for your system. You provide the hardware, power it, cool it, and back it up. We take care of the rest. Many customers have taken advantage of this great service so they can focus on the important things. Get in touch if you'd like to know more about Support Plus.

Check out our latest user documentation and technical resources:

  • Memos - Learn how to share important notices, directives and memos with your staff in a targeted and relevant way.
  • Custom List View Templates - Discover the available content templates when using the Custom List View app.
  • Office Online 2016 Server - Improved editing and co-authoring for SharePoint 2013 coming soon.

If you have comments on any new features or on the update process itself, please get in touch or email us at