The July 2016 update (4.15) will be deployed on Thursday, July 14th. During the update your sites will be unavailable for a few minutes at 5:00 pm local time.

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Save the date! On November 16th we will be hosting an in-person user group for technical contacts in Vancouver. More details to follow.

Assignments 3.0

Thanks for all the great suggestions to make assignments even better. We think you'll love the newest version, which lets you:

  • Archive and copy assignments, even between classes. High school teachers can easily copy and archive assignments between semesters. 
  • View a summary of students' progress for each assignment. 
  • Edit assignment titles and dates in one place. Reschedule or postpone multiple assignments with just a couple of clicks.
  • See which students have (and haven't) started working on each assignment.
  • Create a homework submission on a student's behalf.
  • Save completed assessments using the new Copy to Portfolio option.

With the new features you can even create a shared class to share assignments with other teachers in your school or across the district!


Portfolio Export

Portability of student data is critical for ensuring students truly take ownership of their portfolio. Portfolio export allows students to use their best work whether it's to apply for a job or higher education, or take their digital creations with them when they leave the district.

Portfolio export creates a mini website which the student can download and save. Exported portfolios can include specific grades or just favorites; it's easy to choose.

Technical Note: Exporting a large volume of portfolios can be an extremely intensive operation and may lead to slow downloads. For this reason Export is being released as a beta feature. Additional monitoring has been included to track potential scalability issues with this feature.

Contact Form - No More Spam

The Public Profile and User Directory apps now include a contact form with a built-in CAPTCHA to prevent spam email. You can stop worrying about your email address being collected by spambots. The public profile app will still display an editable email address to editors, public visitors will be provided with an email contact form. Messages include the sender IP address. This change won't apply to existing User Directory apps retroactively; edit the app settings to add the 'contactForm' field or get in touch if you need help.

Other Enhancements

 My Site Navigation: Public Site & Portfolio - The buttons for Public Site (staff only) and Portfolio (students only) are now links on the My Site navigation bar.

My Site Navigation: Student Blogs - Students can access their blog from the new Blog link in the My Site navigation bar. The Blog link found in the navigation of the profile page has been removed (it linked students to the wrong place).

Send Feedback - We've added a new easy to use feedback tool, look for the speech bubble in the Utility Links on the top right of the page. If you've got an idea, you can send us the details and even include a screenshot. Like all our tools it also works on smartphones and tablets. Find out more about the feedback tool and what information is sent to Scholantis.

Scholantis Logging - A new remote telemetry system provides Scholantis with improved monitoring and tracking of unexpected or critical system events. Events will be sent securely and temporarily stored in the Scholantis telemetry system located within Canada.

Cloud Files in Your Gallery - The media gallery now includes the ability to import content from Google Drive, Office 365 OneDrive, or elsewhere in your class or group site. You'll recognize the new cloud-friendly file picker from Assignments, Portfolio and Blogs.

Twitter & Facebook Apps - Just add the app and set the account name right on the page. No more fiddling around in the app settings. The Twitter and Facebook apps now both support images (enabled by default), and the option to be displayed in a list or slideshow view.

Featured Stories - Additional sort options have been added to allow ordering by the created or last modified date.

Portal Calendar Slider - Portals now have a new horizontal scrolling calendar content template.

Minor Fixes, Changes & Technical Notes

  • Mobile Navigation - The mobile menu has been updated to to display all items normally displayed in the left navigation menu. The items are displayed below the top navigation items in the mobile menu flyout.
  • Featured Links with Images Styles - Reduced padding allows you to have larger images.
  • My Site Logo Link - Clicking the My Site logo in your OneDrive will now take you to your My Site page (i.e., /my/).
  • Home Page 2 Column Layout - This page layout now includes additional 'app zones' to provide more flexibility when laying out the apps on your page.
  • Improved Portfolio Thumbnails - We've improved the thumbnails for portfolio posts to better handle various media types such as files, links and videos.
  • Copy Student Blog Posts to their Portfolio - Blog posts now display a disabled 'Copy to Portfolio' button if the student's portfolio grade is not set.
  • Improved CAPTCHA - The spam prevention feature for forms has been updated to the new 'No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA'. It's easier to use and mobile friendly.
  • Event Summary Template - The default event summary now displays the start and end date for multi-day events.
  • Document Library Content Template - We've improved the Scholantis document library template by including the 'new document menu' to easily create new documents in the browser. Portal users will also see a refreshed style including color file icons. This app is primarily intended for serving files, for collaboration scenarios use the built-in document app which includes features such as editing menus and drag & drop (found under the 'Apps' category).
  • Improved Mobile View for Native SharePoint Apps - SharePoint list and document library apps now only display the first column when viewed on smartphones. An edit menu (...) provides access to the item menu. These apps previously displayed as very wide tables which extended off the screen and had poor mobile usability. 
  • Gallery Video Thumbnails - Uploaded videos now use the file name as the default caption. The caption is displayed on the video thumbnail when viewing the gallery to allow users to easily differentiate videos.
  • Facebook Share Link Logos - When sharing links on Facebook, the current site logo will be used as the post image.
  • Apps Removed from the Gallery - Several defunct or advanced system apps have been removed from the app gallery and can no longer be added to pages: Teacher Profiles, Student List and Memos.
  • Memory & Caching Improvements - This update includes major improvements to memory management and caching systems. These changes will reduce server memory use and improve system capacity.
  • ADFS Support - Various improvements to improve support for ADFS deployment scenarios such as integration with Exchange email, Office 365 or Google Apps for Education.

Notes & Resources

Support Plus is a new Scholantis offering to provide full service support for your system. You provide the hardware, power it, cool it, and back it up. We take care of the rest. Many customers have taken advantage of this great service so they can focus on the important things. Get in touch if you'd like to know more about Support Plus. Support Plus allows us to serve customers more efficiently and means you don't need to worry about approving each and every Microsoft or SharePoint update.

Check out our latest user documentation and technical resources:

  • Improved Document EditingOffice Online 2016 Server is now available and provides some great improvements for editing and co-authoring documents in SharePoint 2013. Get in touch with Scholantis to get the update and make creating or editing documents in the browser a breeze!
  • Memos - Learn how to share important notices, directives and memos with your staff in a targeted and relevant way.

If you have comments on any new features or regarding the update process itself, please get in touch or use the feedback form in your site (look for the speech bubble).