The August 2016 update (4.16) will be deployed on Thursday, August 18th. During the update your sites will be unavailable for a few minutes at 5:00 pm local time.

Don't forget about Assignments 3.0, Portfolio export and all the other great features available for the new school year.


It's a game changer when you can instantly see what's happening anywhere on your portal. Here are a few examples of what you can expect to see in your notification feed:

  • Teachers can see when students turn in an assignment, create portfolios posts or comment on their student blogs.
  • Staff will see new memos, changes to events, notices about edited documents or replies to discussions.
  • Students find out when assignments have been graded, class announcements have been posted or teachers have commented on their work.

Access the notification bell anywhere on your portal to see activity from the district, departments, schools, staff rooms, classes, groups, portfolios or blogs. View and filter notifications to see a specific site or notification type, and quickly mute sites with too much activity.

Student Information - Maplewood, PowerSchool, MyEducation BC 

We are thrilled to announce the availability of Scholantis SIS Data Sync. This feature allows teachers to see their classes and work with students more easily than ever before. Once sync is enabled, you'll see your class list when creating or modifying your class site. Add all your students to your class site with a single click. 

SIS Data Sync is being released as a public beta; however, once it's enabled teachers can still work the way they do today. IT staff can review the setup guide for MaplewoodPowerSchool or MyEducation BC and get in touch with the Scholantis Support team for details.

We want to hear about your ideas for other ways to use student information in your portal (sign up required), or other systems you'd like us to support. 


Copy from the Cloud

The new file picker lets you copy files from Google or Office 365 into document libraries or rich text areas. When viewing publications or shared documents you'll see a new Copy from Cloud option in the Insert tab. You'll also see it when editing rich text on pages, announcements or other list items.


Other Enhancements

SRB atrieveERP Authentication - Support for SRB Atrieve Scanning Module on portals using ADFS authentication. We have been working with the atrieveERP team to ensure the best possible experience for our shared customers.

Portfolio Teacher Drafts - Teachers can now create posts that are hidden from students by locking the post and setting the post date into the future.

Minor Fixes, Changes & Technical Notes

  • Portfolio export - Attachments in non-standard paths are now correctly exported.
  • Feedback tool - Feedback tool no longer blocks emails that are not verified in Scholantis support.
  • Bus Alert - Bus alerts displayed in a school now link to the school's schedule page instead of the district's.
  • Buy and Sell - Minor cosmetic improvements have been made to the Buy and Sell archive page.

Notes & Resources

Support Plus is a new Scholantis offering to provide full service support for your system. You provide the hardware, power it, cool it, and back it up. We take care of the rest. Many customers have taken advantage of this great service so they can focus on the important things. Get in touch if you'd like to know more about Support Plus. Support Plus allows us to serve customers more efficiently and means you don't need to worry about approving each and every Microsoft or SharePoint update.

Check out our latest user documentation and technical resources:

  • User Group - Sign up now for the SharePoint for K-12 User Group to discuss new features, access the Scholantis Preview Site and get help from the community.

  • Technical User Group Meeting - On November 16th we will be hosting an in-person user group for technical contacts in Vancouver. More details to follow.

  • Improved Document Editing - Office Online 2016 Server is now available and provides some great improvements for editing and co-authoring documents in SharePoint 2013. Get in touch with Scholantis to get the update.
  • Memos - Learn how to share important notices, directives and memos with your staff in a targeted and relevant way. Now integrated with notifications to let staff see when important items are posted!

If you have comments on any new features or regarding the update process itself, please get in touch or use the feedback form in your site (look for the speech bubble).