A minor update will be deployed on Tuesday, 27th of September.

During the update your sites will be unavailable for a few minutes at 5:00 pm local time.

There is an alternate, earlier update window available on Thursday 22nd, September which is recommended for all Student Portfolio customers (see portfolio fix below). To receive the update earlier please contact the Scholantis Support team.

This update includes a number of enhancements and resolves a number of issues including the following:

  • New! - SIS Data Sync now supports importing data from MyEducation BC.
  • Enhancement - The Access tab in class sites now expands to show all students contained in courses synced from the Student Information System.
  • Enhancement - Students added or removed from the Student Information System are now automatically reflected in your Scholantis class site. Students are added or removed during the nightly sync process.
  • Enhancement - Discussion pages can no longer be removed while the discussion feature is activated. This prevents accidental deletion during post editing.
  • Enhancements - Improved display of discussions on smaller sized screens.
  • Enhancements - Discussions contained within school staff room sites now generate notifications.
  • Important Fix - Notifications for student portfolio changes are no longer displayed to all teachers (in certain situations). Student content and permissions were unaffected by this issue. Existing portfolio notifications will not be removed retroactively.
  • Fix - SIS Data Sync for PowerSchool now excludes students removed from PowerSchool courses.
  • Fix - Edit Content button works correctly on all websites in all cases. 
  • Fix - Adding a portfolio photo post with no photos now creates a post if a description has been added.
  • Fix - Paging of search results and works correctly in all circumstances.
  • Fix - The new item menu for the Scholantis Documents app now works correctly in all versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Fix - Various fixes related to users removed from Active Directory or user associations to associated schools or departments.
  • Fix - Anonymously accessing public sites containing a class listing app does not prompt for login.
  • Fix - The request access text has been removed from the access denied page if you are unable to request access.
  • Fix - Improved database management logic when creating new sites.