The December 2016 update (4.17) will be deployed on Thursday, December 1st. During the update your sites will be unavailable for a few minutes at 5:00 pm local time. 

 A maintenance notice will be displayed to logged in users at noon PST (sample below).

Notification Quick Actions

To ensure you only receive relevant notifications, the new quick actions menu lets you turn off notifications for a list, mark items as read, or see all items in the list. All possible right inside the notifications summary. 

Portfolio Parent Subscriptions

Teachers using Student Portfolios can now subscribe parents to receive email notifications. Once parents accept an email invitation, you can automatically send email notices to let them know about new posts on their child's portfolio. The new Parent Subscription page lets you confirm guardian information and email addresses and manage (send, resend or cancel) subscriptions. This feature requires SIS Data Sync.

Parent engagement in student learning is a huge cornerstone of Student Portfolios and improving student outcomes. Use the speech bubble on the top right to send us any comments or feedback about this new feature.

Student Demographics, Export & Parents Emails

Teachers can now use the Student List to access the Student Information page containing student demographic and guardian information from your SIS.

You can also easily export all student information, including guardian information, into a spreadsheet. Or quickly email all parents or just an individual. These features require SIS Data Sync.


Export Grades, Marks & Assessments

For each assignment, you can now download an assessment summary in spreadsheet format. You'll see the new option from the Assignment Summary page. 

Other Changes & Technical Notes

  • Discussion Notifications - You will also now receive notifications for any discussion threads you're involved in, not just threads you created.
  • Announcement Images - The first image attached to an announcement will now display in the body of the announcement. This is a great feature when syncing content to school portal or websites. As before the first image attached (alphabetically) displays as the thumbnail in the announcement summary on your site home page.
  • Public Site Create Confirmation - When accessing your public site for the first time users will be prompted to confirm creation of their public site.
  • Access Settings for Public Sites - When anonymous access is enabled on your class, group or public site any user can visit your site. When this option is enabled the Readers section of the Access settings is now disabled and a message is displayed.
  • Contacts Pages & Google Maps - Maps are now displayed using Google Maps. This change is a result of changes to the Microsoft Bing Maps API.
  • Forms App Workflows - The Scholantis Form Viewer app can now trigger SharePoint workflows, particularly useful for anonymous forms which do not otherwise activate associated workflows. 
    • Fixed: Customized text for the submit button displays correctly.
    • Fixed: Redirect URL now supports Alternate Access Mappings. Users now are sent to the correct URL when submitting a form.
  • Site Collection Images & Documents - These folders have been removed to prevent confusion and avoid content stored in these lists from being accidentally shared with other users. Existing content stored in these folders will continue to be accessible.
  • Board Member Template - This content template is now available and styled for portal users (previously only available on  websites). Also Fixed: The link field now displays correctly.
  • Staff Directory Contact Form - Messages now require a from email address and message to be specified.
  • School Day Template - This content template now hides irrelevant content from search engines.
  • Custom List View Grouping - The Custom List View app now supports grouping using multi-choice fields (i.e. checkboxes). List items with multiple selection are duplicated and show in each of the appropriate groups. This improves the Bus Status feature and associated list templates.
  • Custom List View Time Filters - Specific times can now be used for date/time based filters. Useful for setting a specific time for an item to expire or be displayed.
  • Navigation Quick Edit - The drag and drop link feature has been removed due to poor and broken browser support.
  • Discussion board - The edit icon for discussions has been improved to make it more obvious and intuitive to use.
  • Send Feedback - Mobile users can now blackout and highlight their screenshot. Users identified as students can no longer send feedback.
  • Long Assignment Titles - Long assignment titles now wrap correctly on multiple lines or mobile devices.
  • Notification Improvements - Various icons have been modified to improve clarity. Improved error handling when original content has been removed but previous notifications still exist or the user no longer has access.
  • Site Access Requests - Student Portfolios sites no longer allow access requests. Portfolios have no defined SharePoint site owner so requests are never received.
  • Gallery Audio Playback - Existing audio files in the gallery can now be played. The gallery does not permit audio file uploads, this only applies to old migrated audio files.
  • Portfolio PDF Preview - PDF files now correctly display a thumbnail in the all items view.
  • Open New Portfolios - Newly created portfolios can now be opened without refreshing the page.
  • Special Announcement Icon Selection - Now works as expected in Internet Explorer 11.
  • SharePoint Dialog Scrolling - Improved dialog sizing for anonymous users when viewing content, such as list items, in the native SharePoint dialog.
  • SharePoint Editing Dialog - When using the Edit Content window the Cancel & Publish buttons are now visible (without scrolling) on large screens.
  • Rich Text Editor - The Text Layout feature is only available in Wiki sites and is now hidden in the ribbon except in wiki sites. 
  • Dialog Scrollbars - On smaller laptop screens OS X browsers scrollbars are now displayed appropriately.
  • Log Messages - Warnings related to missing or invalid Active Directory users or groups have been improved.

Notes & Resources

The user group conference on November 16th was an incredible success! We are already looking forward to seeing you all next year.

Thank you so much to all who attended, especially those of you who came from across the country, and the community members who helped organize and run such a valuable event.

Check out our latest user documentation and technical resources:

If you have comments on any new features or regarding the update process itself, please get in touch or use the feedback form in your site (look for the speech bubble).