The February 2017 update (4.18) will be deployed on Thursday, February 23rd. During the update your sites will be unavailable for a few minutes at 5:00 pm local time. This update is a maintenance only release focused on stability and performance.

We've highlighted important changes worthy of communicating to support staff. A maintenance notice will be displayed to logged in users at noon PST (sample below).




Custom JavaScript which relies on Scholantis provided libraries (such as jQuery) will be affected by this update. Improvements to the Scholantis JavaScript code increases browser performance, reduces memory use and improves page loading speed. We are scanning all customer sites to identify existing customer code stored in Content Injector or HTML Form apps. Please get in touch if you have any questions or need help.

Required Wrapper for jQuery JavaScript
require(['jquery'], function () { YOUR-CODE-HERE });

Changes & Technical Notes

  • Login & Saving - Improved reliability and error handling when saving content if a user's login session has expired (or requires refresh for ADFS customers).
  • Video Playback - Improvements to video playback for all devices and video formats. Movie files using mp4 or mov formats will now play using the browser's built-in video player.
  • iOS Uploads - Improvements to the reliability and error handling for iOS uploads when using Mobile Safari.
  • Search Fix - Search crawling now works correctly for all customers.
  • SIS Data Sync - Improvements and bug fixes for the sync process.
  • Settings on Class Sites - Settings menus will now work correctly when SIS Data Sync is enabled, including for teachers with many SIS classes.
  • Flyout Menus on Touch devices - When using touch devices that all include mouse support, such as touch screen laptops, flyout navigation will now work with a single tap/mouse click (except for Microsoft Edge).
  • Custom List View Me Filter - List views can now be filtered using the 'Me' token to filter items to the current logged in user.
  • Bus List Search - The bus list content template includes an inline search to make it easier to find a specific school.
  • Telemetry - Error tracking for some JavaScript and browser errors.
  • Form Viewer App - Column description can now be chosen to display on the form.
  • Multiple Weather Apps - Multiple weather apps can now be added to a single page.
  • Deleted Item Notifications - Deleted items will no longer display on the notifications feed where possible.
  • Un-Follow Confirmation - Users are now prompted when un-following sites to prevent accidental un-follows when using a touch device.

Notes & Resources

Check out our latest user documentation and technical resources:

If you have comments on any new features or regarding the update process itself, please get in touch or use the feedback form in your site (look for the speech bubble).