The April 2017 update (4.19) will be deployed on Thursday, April 27th. During the update, your sites will be unavailable for a few minutes at 5:00 pm local time. 

A maintenance notice will be displayed to logged in users at noon PST (sample below).


Blogs 3.0

New layout and style options now give you more control over how your blog looks.

Use the tiled post style to provide a magazine format of your blog posts, explore the new menu layout and title and description options. A new Banner Image option lets you display the first image inside a post on the page banner.

If you're looking for more options, send us your feedback. Use the speech bubble icon. We read them all!


Nothing makes a website shine like great photos! Use the new Instagram app to add your Instagram feed to your school website, or your class, group, or public site. You can add the Instagram app to any page from the Scholantis apps category.

Teachers, Principals, and Communications staff can use the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram mobile apps to quickly add great looking content to your public site and make your social media content easy to find.

School Growth Plans - Enhancing Student Learning

We've created new website tools to help schools share their growth plans and engage with their community. In British Columbia, School Growth Plans are an approach to the provincial accountability framework and continuous improvement of student learning. The tools support an iterative inquiry process, using processes such as Spirals of Inquiry, in which schools typically define a number of key inquiry questions or goals focused on enhancing student learning which also align with provincial and district goals.

Schools can easily capture their inquiry and evidence on an ongoing basis from multiple stakeholders. School administrators don't need to fear the strategic planning process! The website tools are customized for each district's accountability framework. Get in touch now if you would like to learn more.

Changes & Technical Notes

  • Maximum File Size Defaults - The maximum file size for uploads will now be 1GB. Most customers are already configured with a 1GB limit, from our experience users very rarely upload content larger than 200MB. The maximum file size and timeout settings can now be easily configured for each web application using Central Administration from 'Manage Applications'. We will continue to monitor your content and database sizes, and provide further guidance to individual customers as appropriate.
  • File Upload Improvements - Various improvements to file uploading and error handling. Users will now receive a warning when the selected file exceeds the maximum file size.
  • Site Directory Cover Photos - Enable site logos (from app settings) to create a more visually appealing site directory to help users find and access information on your sites.
  • Edsby app - Customers using the Edsby learning platform can now display announcements from their school news feed on their website. This app requires special configuration, please get in touch to make this app available on your websites.
  • Warmup Service Improvements - Improvements to the warmup timer job service to improve performance and prevent issues in large or multi-server farm environments. The warmup service is now also limited to a maximum run-time of 3 hours. System Administrators can now activate the Scholantis warmup service on any web application in Central Administration (Manage web applications > Scholantis Settings).
  • Featured Links Content Template - Now respects the open in new window setting. Improvements to prevent the featured links templates being blocked by pop-up blockers (where possible). 
  • Portfolio Export - Fixed bug preventing portfolio export downloads from working in some environments.
  • Document Authentication - Improvements to ADFS authentication of Office clients. The login window no longer display JavaScript errors and automatically closes after (re-)authenticating.
  • Monitoring Improvements - Various fixes and improvements for Scholantis monitoring. System Administrators can view the health of the SIS Data Sync index from Central Administration from the Scholantis Management page under Manage database.
  • iCal Timezone Support Improvement (Calendar Subscriptions) - Custom timezone offsets now work correctly in all iCal clients such as Outlook and iOS.
  • 365 OneDrive file picker - OneDrive file picker now works as expected when accessed from the Cloud Picker menu in the SharePoint ribbon.
  • Document Library Ribbon Disabled - Fixed bug so document library ribbon toolbar does not sometimes appear disabled.
  • Featured Stories Alt Tags - If no alt tag is specified (required for screen readers and accessability law in various provinces/states) the file name is used as the alt tag.
  • App Settings Tool Pane - Fixed bug where the app settings tool pane did not display the scrollbar correctly.
  • Google File Picker - Now available in the Chrome web browser on iOS devices.
  • Student Information - Only the teacher of a student (as defined in your Student Information System) can view detailed information. When student demographic or guardian information can't be displayed improved warning messages now provide the specific reason.

Notes & Resources

Check out our latest user documentation and technical resources:

If you have comments on any new features or regarding the update process itself, please get in touch or use the feedback form in your site (look for the speech bubble).