The July 2017 update (4.20) will be deployed on Tuesday, July 18th. During the update, your sites will be unavailable for a few minutes at 5:00 pm local time. 

We've highlighted important changes worthy of communicating to support staff. A maintenance notice will be displayed to logged in users at noon PST (sample below).

iOS & Android App (Beta)

The new mobile apps provide faster access and persistent login to your portal on personal devices. Portfolio users can capture video, audio and photos. You'll find media capture more reliable and faster than using a web browser.

The new apps will be available for iOS and Android phones or tablets after July 18th.

The app requires your school district to use ADFS authentication. Not using ADFS yet? Get in touch to learn how it works with the mobile app. ADFS also allows you to integrate email and other tools like Office 365 for Education, OneDrive, or G Suite for Education.

Assignments 4.0

For the new school year we have added new assignments summary features:

  • Assessment Overview - See at a glance if student submissions are overdue, in draft, awaiting assessment, or graded. Jump directly to any student submission to review or comment. 
  • Student & Assignment Summary - Select a student or an assignment to access a summary. The summary view lets you quickly assess an individual student's progress or the state of an assignment.
  • Export & Print - Download all assessment information for students and assignments in a spreadsheet. Print an assignment or student summary to share with your class or individual parents.
  • Parent Notifications - Send parents an assignment progress report by email. Parents must be registered in your Student Information System and Scholantis SIS Data Sync enabled for your district.

News 2.0

New and improved archive and article templates to display your news. The news archive template now displays thumbnails as well as next & previous buttons. The article template has an improved design and it now includes a built-in attachment viewer for easy viewing of documents, images or press releases.

To further enhance your site you can also add recent news or recent events apps to your news archive or article pages.

Printable Calendars

We have added a new print view for calendars. The view includes the event title, start & end date/time, and the event location. You can print all days or only those with events. You can choose from a 1 or 2 column view (option not available in Safari or iOS).

Content Editing & App Cleanup 

When adding apps to your page you will find a streamlined list of app categories. The Content Injector app (in the Scholantis category) has been enhanced to allow video embedding, script embedding, web page embedding (using iframes) and can point at static HTML content files. These enhancements have allowed us to cleanup a number of older apps which are now redundant or being sunset by Microsoft.

As before, experienced users who need access to advanced or retired apps can disable the Hide Site Settings feature from Site Settings

System Dashboard

System dashboard is a new place for IT professionals and system administrators to get insight into your Scholantis system, identify problems and get help:

  • Access site analytics, review server information including disk space, see up-time reports, access version and licensing information and much more.
  • Find information about site content such as content database status and a breakdown of content usage by site type.
  • Access has been pre-configured for system administrators. You can quickly provide access to other staff inside the dashboard.

The dashboard is intended to provide greater transparency into the state of your system and allow easy access to the information you need to manage the day to day workings of your site. We plan further enhancements in the future but would love to hear your feedback.

Other Changes & Technical Notes

  • Login Timeout Notice - When your login expires you will be prompted to sign in again. 
  • Weather App - Fahrenheit option now available in app settings.
  • Calendar Item View - Improved styles and integrated attachment viewer.
  • Edsby news app now supports displaying embedded images and attachments.
  • Sync is now resilient against list name changes.
  • Improved mobile styles for Instagram app.
  • Improved mobile styles for media gallery.
  • Improved styles for featured links when no image is attached.
  • Improved blog summary template to link to Blog 2.0 posts.
  • Additional diagnostic logging for SIS Data Sync.
  • Resolved bug with print styles for memos.
  • Resolved issue using SharePoint web services (such as User Profile Service) with InfoPath Forms Services (when using ADFS authentication).
  • Resolved issue with the Twitter app where the number of Tweets does not match the set limit.
  • Resolved issue where My Class or My Groups would sometimes not display on first page visit.
  • Resolved issue with Home Drive not working for some users (when using ADFS authentication).
  • Resolved issue with iCal time-zones for certain devices and time zones (Calendar subscription).