The August 2017 update (4.21) will be released on Thursday, August 24th. During the upgrade your sites will be unavailable for a few minutes at 5:00 pm local time. 

We've highlighted some important changes (look for the megaphone). A maintenance notice will be displayed to logged in users at noon PST.

Ready for September?

Check out all the great features we've added this summer, such as the new assignment summary, parent summary emails or printable calendars. Don't forget to try out the the new mobile app which lets you upload videos faster and adds audio capture for student portfolios.

The mobile app requires your school district to use ADFS authentication. Not using ADFS yet? Get in touch to learn how it works with the mobile app. ADFS also allows you to integrate email and other tools like Office 365 for Education, OneDrive, or G Suite for Education.

New Site Creation & Editing Experience 

Say hello to an easier and faster experience for creating and configuring sites:

  • Type in the name of your class or group and it's created instantly. No more waiting around!
  • Change the title, select a logo (or upload your own) and choose a theme color.
  • Select which features you want on your sites and specify a home page.
  • Configure access by searching for a name or selecting a group of users. Teachers can quickly sync an entire class from your Student Information System. We integrate with PowerSchool, MaplewoodMy Education BC and other student information systems.

New Features

Instant Portfolio Batch Posts - When batch posting large files to multiple students, posts now save instantly. Batch posts with large files may take a few minutes to copy to each student, you will see a placeholder in each student's portfolio while it copies.

Site Directory App Descriptions - Display a list of sub-sites in a tiled view which includes each site's description. It's a great way to help users navigate your site.

Bell Schedule Template Improvements - The template now includes improved styles, supports grouping of days (e.g., Mon-Wed, Thur-Fri)  and allows HTML for improved layout and customization. Existing bell schedule templates are not affected.

New Advanced User Features

Sync Groups - For district administrators, it's now possible to create custom groups to sync items to specific groups of schools. You likely already have sync groups for elementary or high schools; now it's possible to add new groups such as 'All alternates schools' or 'All French Immersion'. These can overlap with existing sync groups and provide more flexibility when syncing content, get in touch to create new sync groups for your district.

Target Content Using Group Permissions - Would you like to target list items to specific users? Content Templates can now filter items to users in specific Active Directory security groups. For example, you might want to display specific links to only teachers or students. When using any Custom List View template, simply add a 'Person or Group' column to your list and set the filter to contain 'Me'. 

Other Changes & Technical Notes

  • My Classes & My Groups apps now include an option to display items in pages with next and previous buttons. Infinite loading (on scroll) is still the default.
  • When an assignment date is set, the due date is now automatically set to the following day (if it's before the current assign on date).
  • Staff Directory contact forms can now be configured to display various first and last name formats.
  • Enhancements to the Welcome 2 Column page layout to improve desktop and mobile layout.
  • Improved attachment previewing on small screens such as smartphones.
  • Attachments previews now correctly detect if the document previewing service is available.
  • Improvements and bug fixes for various display issues on memos, the away today template, and numerous other system styles.
  • Various improvements and bug fixes to System Dashboard.