A small update will be released on Thursday, 5th of October at 5:00pm local time.

During the update your site will be unavailable for a few minutes. Logged in users will see a maintenance notice prior to the update. 

Changes & Technical Notes

This update resolves a number of issues:

  • Site Followers - Fixed issue where a user may be removed as follower of a site in certain situations.
  • SIS Integration
  • Student Comments on Class Blogs - When creating new class blogs students can now comment.
  • Site Owners issue - Resolved an extremely rare issue where a newly created portfolio or blog site could be assigned to multiple students. 
  • Announcements & Calendar - Attachments with special characters in the file name can now be previewed in Internet Explorer.
  • Student Information & Parent Subscriptions - Some toolbar options were not clickable on certain screen sizes.
  • My Class & My Groups Bug - Very rarely a site may not be stored in the directory of sites during a site crawl. This would temporarily prevent it from displaying in the My Classes or Groups apps.
  • Office 365 OneDrive File Picker - When using the file picker (Insert...) to select files from Office 365 OneDrive sign-in now works correctly.
  • Portfolio Attachments - When copying images or content into a portfolio the source content is no longer removed from the original destination.
  • iCal Calendar Subscription - Fix for subscribing to Calendars on Android devices.
  • Site Settings Fix - Users deleted from Active Directory now display using their username (previously displayed as blank items).
  • Image alignment - Enhancement and fix to allow image alignment to work in all browsers and versions of SharePoint.

What's New?

Check out all the great features we've added this summer, such as the new assignment summary, parent summary emails or printable calendars. Don't forget to try out the the new mobile app which lets you upload videos faster and adds audio capture for student portfolios.

The mobile app requires your school district to use ADFS authentication. Not using ADFS yet? Get in touch to learn how it works with the mobile app. ADFS also allows you to integrate email and other tools like Office 365 for Education, OneDrive, or G Suite for Education.