The June 2014 update (4.4) will be deployed on Wednesday, July 2nd. If you have already received a specific update schedule please disregard this notice.

Calendar Subscription (on any device)

We've added the ability to subscribe to any calendar. It's easy and works on any device. It doesn't matter if you're using Google Calendar, iPhone, Android or a Mac (as long as it supports iCal, the de facto standard). You can easily subscribe to any calendar on your website or portal. There's nothing you need to do but let your users know it's available. Subscribed calendars can be viewed but not edited.

On a related note SharePoint's existing Connect to Outlook is great for many situations and does allow editing of items. Many of you have been experiencing significant problems with this feature (as well as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint integration) when used outside of your district. These problems are caused by Microsoft's TMG software and has been a source of significant frustration for users. Despite extensive research with Microsoft we are unable to resolve this problem. As previously mentioned, we are currently working on a solution.

Powerful Anonymous Forms

Deploying InfoPath forms on public sites is a common request but until now hasn't been easy to achieve. We created a new web part which lets you publish InfoPath forms anonymously. This enables some new scenarios:

  • Use InfoPath to create complex public forms (such as student registration).
  • Users can maintain public forms without the need for a developer or administrator. 
  • All the power of SharePoint workflows (such as moving sensitive form data to secure storage or notifications).
  • The web part allows you to retain the branding of your site by embedding forms on any page.


Add a blog to a class, group or personal site. It's available with one click and configured in a way that makes sense. Just open site manager and it's there! While previously possible with manual setup, making it work the way people expected was an exercise in frustration. Any student (Class) or contributor (Group) can comment on the blog. The blog posts are available publicly (if enabled on the site), but comments are hidden to anonymous visitors.

Internet Explorer 11 Compatibility

We've fixed all known IE 11 compatibility issues (severe problems for site editors). Eight months after the release of IE 11 Microsoft has not addressed compatibility issues with SharePoint (and Office 365) so we have addressed these problems for all of our clients.

Improved Student Portfolios

We've enhanced and polished student portfolios in numerous ways. Here are some highlights:

  • Adding students is now even easier. Just enable portfolio and start adding right from the page.
  • Teachers can now set or reset any student's profile photo. Portfolio photos are stored in student's SharePoint profile so this gives any teacher control of a student's photo. This is especially useful for younger students who aren't able to set their own photos and also addresses concerns around inappropriate photos.
  • Students are no longer required to create portfolios. When you add a student to your class, we'll start creating their sites in the background.
  • We've incorporated analytics so teachers can see who is visiting each student's portfolio (2010 only).

If you didn't see our original notice or attend the recent demo, watch the 15 minute walkthrough and find out more about our future plans.

Site index

Create a Class or Group and see it instantly on the hub! The site roll-up and aggregation are no longer tied to search. Any changes to your list of Classes and Groups are reflected immediately and stored independently of the SharePoint search results.

Other Changes

  • Important - Sync fields "Display On" and "Display On Web" have been renamed to "Sync To" and "Sync To Web".
  • Important - The labels on Class and Group subscription buttons have been changed from "Add to My Classses/Groups" to "Follow Class/Group".
  • Important - "Delete Site" button in Class/Group sites has been moved from Site Actions into Site Manager to avoid confusion of the button behaviour.
  • Multiple AD Domains and Claims tokens are now correctly detected in Scholantis functionality.
  • Assignments WebPart now displays the number of submissions to an assignment.
  • My Announcements WebPart now only shows one instance of synced announcements.
  • Added monitoring capability to remotely track server health.
  • Implemented a maintenance page to be displayed during server maintenance.
  • Fixed issue where submitting an assignment on the due date flags it as late.
  • (SP 2013) Fixed various bugs and design issues for Web 2013 styles.
  • (SP 2013) Quick search now works for anonymous users.
  • Unnecessary Site Templates and Page Layouts are now hidden by default.
  • Fixed issue where Sync fails for Portal only clients.
  • Fixed issue where Class Assignment listing WebPart may point to the wrong teacher in their personal site.
  • Disabled or Deleted AD Users no longer prevent Site Manager from working.
  • The Site Manager tool bar is now accessible from a Blog subsite inside a Class or Group.
  • (SP 2013) Excel survey feature is now activated by default.
  • (SP 2013) Easy button for editing Site Information has been added to the footer.
  • (SP 2013) Implemented simplified navigation edit page for the site directory WebPart.
  • (SP 2013) On sub site creation, the Scholantis category is now selected by default and the top navigation is inherited by default.
  • (SP 2013) Fixed SharePoint bug in Blogs where the paging controls break if MDS is off.
  • Fixed My Groups WebPart which included groups you are only an owner of when using the Contributor filter.
  • Synced items can no longer be checked out at the destination.
  • Twitter App account keys can now be modified per client to mitigate rate limit issues.
  • Twitter WebPart now resolves the actual URL in the tweet instead of showing the short form.
  • Twitter WebPart now supports showing tweets from multiple profiles.
  • Reduced severity of trivial Scholantis server error messages (Windows Events) that were incorrectly marked as warning.

More Information

If you have any questions regarding the update process please see our original notice