The August/September 2014 update (4.5) will be deployed during August and September. If you have already received a specific update schedule please disregard this notice.

Portfolio 2013 Support and Improvements

Portfolio site support has now been added to SharePoint 2013 and it comes with a number of visual and functional improvements that take advantage of the better browser support available in SharePoint 2013. The look and feel has been overhauled in anticipation of a more streamlined, mobile and tablet friendly editing experience that will be added in the coming releases.

Other Changes

  • Important - User objects were not cached due to a cache timeout logic bug.
  • Core Scholantis solutions DLLs have been merged to mitigate timer job service issues during solution updates.
  • Fixed various farm wide Scholantis configuration validation issues.
  • Custom List View web parts failed when filtering against certain field types.
  • All Scholantis logging is now sent to ULS in addition to the event logs.
  • Workaround for iOS devices incorrectly reporting HTML element height, causing infinite loop in Scholantis javascript.
  • Featured Stories no longer strips <p> in the caption.
  • Featured Stories now supports the OOTB Picture library.
  • Added new CLV template to support OOTB Links list

More Information

If you have any questions regarding the update process please see our original notice