4.5.1 is a hotfix release and will be deployed this Tuesday, 16th of September.


Important - Fixes an issue where followers of a class or group site could be removed when using site manager in certain circumstances.

Auto-Follow for Class & Group Sites 

Any user added to a class or group site will now automatically become a follower of the site. Sites will automatically appear under My Classes and My groups making it a breeze to find sites.

Only Active Directory users, not groups, auto-follow when added as a student, contributor or visitor. Auto-follow happens when a user is first added. Users can still choose to stop following a class or group at any time.

Form Viewer Enhancements

Contact pages and other sites using the Form Viewer feature can now specify a notification email address (from the web part settings).

The notification email is a significant improvement over the native SharePoint email alerts. The message includes a summary of the submitted message, uploaded files as attachments, and a link to the saved item are included in the email.

More Information

If you have any questions regarding the update process please see our original notice