The November 2014 update (4.6) will be deployed on Thursday, 13th of November.

Calendars Subscriptions & News Alerts

Calendar Subscription makes it easy to sync calendars with just about any device (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) or software (Outlook, Google Calendar). After significant testing, configuration and development, calendar subscription is now compatible with most devices and software clients. 

Calendar pages let you subscribe using iCal or access an RSS feed.

Announcements, special announcement and blog pages let you subscribe to email alerts or access an RSS feed.


New Editing Buttons

There's a new design for editing buttons on SharePoint 2013 websites. When you hover over content areas editing buttons will appear wherever you need them. The new design makes it much easier for content editors to see the website without the clutter of editing buttons.

We piloted the new design with a number of customers and had a great response from site editors, new and seasoned. 

Consider Notifying Website Editors

Editing buttons now appear once you hover over content areas wherever they are needed. While not an issue for new users, existing users may take a second to find and transition to the new style. 

Student Portfolios - Add, Lock & Showcase

Student Portfolios gets some top requested features:

  • Use a smartphone or tablet to take a photo, or add photos and other files in an instant. Desktop users can also create simple posts with this new streamlined process.
  • Teachers can easily showcase student work. Just click the star to curate and highlight student achievements.
  • Teachers can lock items to prevent students from modifying content. Items created by a teacher are locked by default. Simply select the padlock to lock or unlock an item.
  • You can now categorize posts. Filtering by category coming soon. 

This release includes a number of critical SharePoint & iOS 8 bug fixes as well as some general enhancements to the mobile and tablet experience.

My Classes & My Groups Experience 

My Classes and My Groups site lists are now faster and more consistent. Created, followed or deleted sites will now appear almost instantly. Whether you add a group or an individual user to your site, My Classes and My Groups now behave the same. Auto-follow only applies to individual users.

Consider Notifying Class & Group Admins

My Classes and My Groups now list all sites where you have been added as part of an Active Directory group. As a result Class and Group Admin users may now see many more sites listed on the Classes & Groups page; they are owners of all class or group sites. End-users may also notice some additional sites now showing up on the Classes & Groups page.

Since the inclusion of Site Index in the 4.4 update, July 2014, My Classes and My Groups only listed sites where you were added as an individual user. Now users see all sites where you are a student, contributor or owner (as previously).

Staff Directory

It's now incredibly easy to hide users from the Staff Directory on your website or portal. Simply edit the page and check a box, no need to modify Active Directory. Staff Directories are one of the most requested features on websites and portals; they're a great way to provide valuable information with almost no effort. Just Edit page and then Add Web Part.

New & Easier Content Templates

We've added new list templates and made it easier to create lists to store your information. Custom List View templates let you easily display and manage content in a touch and mobile friendly way. Content templates can be used to display lists of documents grouped by category, create an electronic forms repository, or just a simple list of links. We'll be continuing to add and enhance the available templates in future updates. A few current plans include Bell times and Jobs templates for websites and Away today for staff rooms.

Home Drive

Completely reworked, home drive brings an improved experience and design, as well as improved mobile and tablet support. Home Drive now provides configurable views and thumbnails, file previews for photo and videos, multi-select and much more. 

Enhancements & Fixes

  • iOS users can now upload photos and video files in the SharePoint rich text editor.
  • Uploading photos and videos from iOS does not overwrite the previous file.
  • Fix for SharePoint Store apps including the OneNote Class Notebook Creator. See Introducing OneNote class notebooks for more.
  • Mobile navigation on websites now displays navigation up to three levels deep (SharePoint 2013).
  • If no list exists the Featured Stories app now displays a link (when editing the page) to easily create a list to store images. 
  • Transportation special announcements are now yellow with a yellow bus icon (SharePoint 2013).
  • Improvements and fixes for the Twitter App on portals (SharePoint 2013).
  • SharePoint\system is no longer displayed in Site Manager (class & group sites).
  • Teacher public sites now correctly display assignments based on the display and expiry dates.
  • Settings cog no longer opens behind the ribbon. 
  • Search is no longer used to aggregate for the My Classes and My Groups feature.
  • Portal footers now display fax numbers from site information.
  • Edit content now uses the full width of the dialog to display content.
  • The Home Drive page no longer displays left navigation (SharePoint 2013).
  • Website calendar and announcements title font sizes have been reduced to allow longer titles.
  • Students added in Student Portfolios will now auto-follow the class.
  • Fixed Windows Update bug affecting SharePoint 2010 timer jobs, My classes and My groups features.
  • Auto-follow only activates when a user is first added to a class or group (SharePoint 2010).
  • Active Directory Groups can now be used as site owners (Class & Group sites). Requires a manual Site Manager update to apply to existing sites.
  • OneDrive for Business banner and terminology removed from the OneDrive site.
  • Links within the Edit Content Dialog are no longer forced to open in a new tab.
  • Yellow has been changed to Royal Yellow for readability purposes.
  • Featured Stories and Featured Links URL field no longer truncates long URLs.
  • The Site Manager Access Tab now sorts users alphabetically (based on display name).
  • Users that do not have permission to create a Blog or Personal site will now receive a message.
  • Accessing the OneDrive site will no longer displays an un-styled page during page load.
  • The My Groups list will now correctly highlight the default tab upon page load.
  • People search results have been improved.
  • Fix for iCal support on Google Calendar (Google breaking change).
  • iCal subscription no longer fails in regions without daylight saving time.

Other Notes & Resources

  • iOS 8 currently contains a bug preventing live camera photos from being uploaded when using Mobile Safari. The App may crash, Chrome for iOS does not experience this issue. We expect Apple to address this issue in a future iOS update.
  • Browser memory requirements for Home Drive means older tablets (such as 2nd gen. iPads) and smartphones are not supported.

We're also continuing to create new user documentation and technical resources:

More Information

If you have any questions regarding the update process please see our original notice