The March 2015 update (4.8) will be deployed on Tuesday, 24th of March. 

Student Folders

Student folders are now part of the Shared Documents feature. Shared documents are a place for teachers and students to collaborate on documents. Simply enable the Shared Documents feature to create a folder for each student in your class.

Students can collaborate together or work privately in their own folder. Up to 99 teachers or students can edit documents simultaneously in the browser, Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Teacher's can also Sync files for easy access on Windows or Macs.

Sync with Attachments

District or school site admins can add attachments to an announcement to quickly add images or files. Attached images will be displayed in the summary view as a thumbnail. Attached files are available to download. 

This feature lets you add content to sync'd announcements and not worry about viewers being able to view or download linked images or files. This addresses a problem with sync'd content being inaccessible because they are links to content (e.g. images or files) stored in a secure area of the portal.


Student Portfolios

The teacher and student editing experience keeps getting better! It's now even easier and faster for teachers and students to add content.

  • Drag and drop files.
  • Quickly categorise posts.
  • Set and modify the post date (defaults to today for new posts).
  • When adding video, images or files add a description and quickly re-order items using drag and drop.
  • Improved rich text editor is easier to use, more tablet friendly and brings improved image editing.
  • Profile photos now auto rotate if orientation information is available.
  • New status icons let you quickly see the number of comments and locked or favorited posts.
  • Improved preview for text posts and video posts (images contained in the video post are used for previews).
  • New teacher posts are unlocked by default.
  • The alert subscription button now make's it easier to subscribe or unsubscribe from a student's portfolio.
  • Note: In order to create the best experience for the most users quick adding is no longer supported in Internet Explorer 9 or lower.

Fixes & Enhancements

  • Home Drive file access - Various enhancements and numerous fixes including an issue when downloading for SharePoint 2010 and Internet Explorer 8 users.
  • New Site Queue - Portfolio and personal sites created on demand are now queued to prevent server errors or performance problems.
  • Blog Summary Content Template - Now includes an image preview if the blog post contains an image.
  • Maximum page width for SharePoint 2013 Portals has been increased to 1280px to provide additional space for content (SharePoint 2013).
  • Top navigation font size & weight has been reduced on portals (SharePoint 2013).
  • Portal featured stories image ratio more closely matches websites using the default Scholantis design (SharePoint 2013).
  • Prevent long loading times on the classes & groups page by disabling the all sites list for admins. Get in touch to enable for specific users or groups.
  • Improvements to the alignment of text and contact information in website footers (SharePoint 2013).
  • Creating new class sites now works when Shared Documents feature is enabled.
  • Moving a Sync'd repeating event item no longer creates an orphaned item.
  • The Handouts & Materials feature on class sites no longer displays the modified by and date columns.
  • A Contact link is now included in the Utility links in mobile view for websites if required (SharePoint 2013).
  • Portfolio files with the same name will no longer overwrite existing files (SharePoint 2013).
  • Deleting attachments in sync'd items no longer orphans the item.
  • Featured links on class and group sites are now placed in the 2 Column Right zone (SharePoint 2010).

Monitoring, Servers and Security

Rather than delivering big changes to the appearance and end user functionality the 4.8 update is focused on increasing performance, efficiency, and stability. In addition to under the hood improvements in 4.8 our Operations team has been busy over the last few months pro-actively reviewing all client environments. We've resolved various issues, improved server performance and further extended monitoring to quickly detect and resolve issues. We're committed to ensuring the fewest possible bugs, and the best possible user experience. Here's a few highlights:

  • New and improved monitors will cover server health such as server disk space and SQL boundaries and configuration.
  • Updates to SharePoint and dependent software such as AppFabric and SQL to the current Scholantis base-line versions. 
  • Outbound email testing & configuration review to ensure mailing lists and email alerts work as expected.
  • Reviewing Microsoft and Windows Update settings to ensure updates are applied in a managed way.
  • Performance optimization including Windows, SQL & anti-virus configuration per Microsoft best practices.
  • Security hardening including SSL configuration and Office Web Apps domain security. Check out our notice about the FREAK Security Exploit.

More Information

If you have any questions regarding the update process please see our original notice