The November 2017 update (5.0) will be released on Thursday, November 23rd. During the upgrade your sites will be unavailable for a few minutes at 5:00 pm local time. 

A maintenance notice will be displayed to logged in users at noon PST.

5.0 & SharePoint 2016

We are excited to announce support for Microsoft SharePoint 2016 (the system Scholantis tools are built on). SharePoint 2016 was built for the cloud and powers the Office 365 SharePoint Online service.

Scholantis 5.0 brings your portal closer to the cloud and Office 365 while allowing you to keep sensitive information inside your school. You will find a more consistent and connected experience between your portal and Office 365. SharePoint 2016 improves system stability and reduces downtime for patches. Use the new App Launcher to quickly navigate between your portal, Office 365 or other school technologies. You only need to login once to access your portal, email, Office 365 or other systems (using ADFS single sign on).


Whether you are running SharePoint 2013 or 2016 you will find these great new features in 5.0:

  • Faster Assignments & Student Portfolios - Improvements to speed up the loading of assignments and portfolio pages.
  • Copy Teacher Assessments to Student Portfolio - Copying an assignment to a student's portfolio now includes the teacher assessment as well as comments. The assessment or grade is added to the new portfolio post as a comment.
  • Portfolio Lightning Add for Audio - Use 'lightning add' to quickly add audio comments to existing portfolio posts using the mobile app.
  • User Diagnostics  - Technology support staff can use the new User Diagnostics tool in System Dashboard to quickly troubleshoot and diagnose user problems. You can find a user's sites, see a student or teacher's SIS classes, check AD group membership and much more.
  • SIS Data Sync System Health - Technology support staff can now diagnose SIS Data Sync issues in the System Dashboard. Confirm sync status, view configuration information and download a report of sync mapping errors.

Other Changes & Technical Notes

  • Help! - New contextual help links and content for Site Settings and System Dashboard. Essential reading for questions about Student Information or Parent Subscriptions.
  • Creating Assignments - A warning message displays when the assigned on and due dates provide an unusually short time frame for students.
  • Printed Assignment Summaries - Printed student summaries now include the student's name.
  • Facebook Share Links - When sharing a link on Facebook, they can now be posted on Facebook Pages.
  • Custom List View New Filters & Sort Options - The number of available filters has been increased from 2 to 4. A secondary sort option is now available.
  • Edsby App Enhanced - Added support to exclude 'Internal Only' posts. Enabled by default.
  • Improved Delete Site Page - The delete site page has been redesigned and makes it more obvious if you're deleting a site or a sub-site.
  • Parent Subscriptions - Various interface improvements and confirmation messages when sending invites.
  • Calendar Subscriptions on Android - Fixes to improve support for iCal subscriptions on Android devices.
  • Twitter - Improvements to handle retweets.
  • Send Feedback - Various fixes and improvements when taking screenshots.
  • Access Settings - Various improvements to information and error messages. Useful when students imported from SIS Data Sync are experiencing issues.
  • Gallery - Fixed issue where system region settings could prevent editing.
  • Document Previews - Improved handling of document previews when an Office Online server is not installed.
  • System Dashboard Content Summary - Pre-created sites used for fast site creation are now separated from the total site count.
  • Featured Stories New Images - New high resolution default images are now used (new sites only).
  • Notification Settings - When viewing notification settings, Posts has been renamed to Blog to improve usability.